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Your Rights

You are granted non-exclusive rights to access and use the website and to use the services and features available from the website.

You are provided with access to the website for your personal and non-commercial use only.

Online Contributions

The Online Contributions Function (OCF) is available for use at the discretion of Guests and Occasion Organisers.

For any contributions of funds made after standard banking hours, on weekends, or public holidays, transactions will be completed in line with standard banking procedures. This may vary from institution to institution.

Upon the clearance of funds into Thankyou's bank account, funds will only be available for remittance to the Occasion Organiser upon request via the 'Redeem Contributions' Occasion Organiser function.

Thankyou will remit funds to Occasion Organisers as soon as practicable after receipt of a request.

In the event the transfer of the funds by Thankyou to the Occasion Organiser is unsuccessful for any reason, Thankyou will immediately contact the Occasion Organiser.

Occasion Organisers have no rights or entitlements to any interest earned on funds contributed to Thankyou's bank account.

Unclaimed Monies

Thankyou will notify the Occasion Organiser upon the earliest occurrence of one of the following events:

  1. the funds held by Thankyou have not been claimed by the Occasion Organiser entitled to such funds, within 6 months of the occasion date; or
  2. if there has been no activity on an Occasion Organiser's account for a period of 12 consecutive months.

If Thankyou is unable to contact the Occasion Organiser, or no response is received within 30 days of such notification, any funds that remain unclaimed will be treated as unclaimed money, and subject to the Australian Unclaimed Money Act 2008 (Victoria).

For the purpose of these Terms and Conditions, the debiting of any fees or charges owed to Thankyou on an account does not constitute activity on the account.

Thankyou is not obliged to refund any unclaimed money to Guests. The refund of any unclaimed money to Guests will only be made with the express prior authorisation of the Occasion Organiser.

Fees and Charges

By agreeing to use the OCF, Guests agree to be liable for and pay all applicable fees and charges. Fees will be deducted by Thankyou from the Guest's contribution immediately upon the clearance of funds in Thankyou's bank account.

Fees may include a handling fee charged by Thankyou, applicable credit card fees, currency exchange fees and incorrect account fees.

Guests acknowledge that fees and charges may vary from time to time without prior notice. Thankyou is not liable to Guests or Occasion Organisers for any variation of fees and charges.

Foreign Exchange

Guests may contribute funds in the foreign currencies as stated.

No changes to the currency of a gift registry may be made by an Occasion Organiser, unless done so prior to the first online contribution by a Guest.

Funds will be transferred by Thankyou to the Occasion Organiser in the currency in which the contribution was made.

Indemnity by Guests and Occasion Organisers

Each person who uses Thankyou's website, indemnifies Thankyou and keeps Thankyou indemnified against any loss, damage, costs, charges or expenses, including reasonable legal fees whatsoever incurred or suffered in connection with or as a consequence of, any breach by or attempted breach by the use of Thankyou's website, and each person will pay on demand by Thankyou to Thankyou, any sums claimed by Thankyou pursuant to this indemnity.

Warranty by Guests and Occasion Organisers

By accessing and using this website and the features and services available on the website you warrant that:

  1. You will not do anything which may be illegal or fraudulent;
  2. You use this website and its services at your option and it is used entirely at your own risk;
  3. You will not in any way interrupt or attempt to interrupt the operation of the website or the services available on the website; and
  4. Use of the OCF is made with the authorisation or permission of the relevant credit cardholder.

Thankyou owns the copyright of this website.

Other than for the purposes of and subject to the conditions prescribed under the Australian Copyright Act 1968 or any other applicable legislation throughout the world, you may not, in any form or by any means:

Linked Web Sites

Thankyou's website may contain links to linked websites. Those links are provided for convenience only, and may not remain current or be maintained.

Links to such websites should not be construed as any endorsement, approval, recommendation or preference by Thankyou or the owners or operators of the sites, or of any information, products or services referred to on those other sites unless specifically stated.

Unless otherwise stated the linked websites are not under the control of Thankyou. Thankyou is not responsible for the contents of any linked website. You link to any such website at your own risk.


Prices are to be paid in the nominated currency.

Thankyou makes no express or implied representations or warranties of any kind as to any price of items listed on the gift list.


Thankyou does not offer refunds for any services provided by Thankyou in connection with this website.

In the event that you consider the service provided by Thankyou unsatisfactory, you should contact us in writing at info@thankyouregistry.com.

Delivery of Goods

thankyouregistry.com is an online gift listing facility only.

Thankyou is not responsible for and will not undertake the purchase and/or delivery of any items (excluding the remittance of OCF contributions) listed by Occasion Organisers on gift lists.


Thankyou makes no express or implied representations or warranties of any kind as to the operation of this website or any information, goods or services offered on this site, except to the extent that such obligation cannot be excluded at law.

All information regarding the items listed on gift registries, including but not limited to the accuracy or existence of gifts, supplier details and pricing are entered by the registered Occasion Organisers. Occasion Organisers remain at all times solely responsible for information entered by them on this website.

Thankyou makes no express or implied representations or warranties of any kind as to the availability, existence specifications or price of items listed on the gift list.

No Liability

Under no circumstances (including but not limited to any act or omission on the part of Thankyou) will Thankyou be liable for any indirect, incidental, special and/or consequential damages or loss of profits whatsoever which result from any use or access of, or any inability to use or access, the website or its services.

We are not liable to you or anyone else for any loss in connection with use of this website the services on this website, or a linked website.

We are not liable to you or anyone else if interference with or damage to your computer systems occurs in connection with the use of this website, its services, or a linked website. You must take your own precautions to ensure that whatever you select for your use from our website is free of viruses or anything else (such as worms or trojan horses) that may interfere with or damage the operations of your computer systems. We do not warrant that your access to the website will be uninterrupted or error free or that any defects will be corrected.

To the fullest extent permitted at law, damages payable by Thankyou for breach of an implied warranty, which cannot be excluded, will at the election of Thankyou be limited to the replacement of goods/service or similar goods/service (or payment of the equivalent Australian dollar value) or the repair of such goods/service (or the payment of the equivalent Australian dollar value).

Thankyou does not accept liability for any loss or damage suffered to any persons who use the OCF, including but not limited to, the provision of incorrect credit card details, contributions of incorrect amounts, or contributions made in incorrect foreign currencies.

Changes to our Website and Terms and Conditions

We may, from time to time, change amend or vary the information, products and services contained on this website without notice. We are not liable to you or anyone else if errors occur in the information on this website or if that information is not up-to-date.

Thankyou reserves the right to amend these Terms and Conditions at any time without notice. As you are bound by these Terms and Conditions, you should periodically refer to them.

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