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Think of an old-fashioned Wedding Registry. Hold that thought, but make it an online version. Now picture it being for more than just weddings. A Nursery Gift List, for your House warming or a Baby Shower Registry...

Any occasion. Much more flexibility. Something you can tailor to your needs AND those of your Guests.

You can update your registry any time the fancy takes you and list gifts from any store world wide. Your Guests have options too. At Thankyou, your registry is all about asking nicely.

And you can't spill your coffee over this list. Now, that's a gift registry service!

Some gift registries seem to think you'd like your entire house - pillow cases to lawnmowers - decked out in one single brand! At Thankyou, we promise not to treat you like you have a sponsorship deal with a department store.

We want you to make your Thankyou gift list 'you-flavoured'! Choose gifts from absolutely anywhere in the world to reflect your sparkling personality and natural flair. Or keep your options open and let Guests contribute cash towards the gifts you'd like. (Don't worry - we'll help you put it politely.)

Your Guests will thank you when you tell them exactly what you'd like to receive. If they love to shop, they can go to town - either physically (snail retail!), or virtually, ordering from an online store. Alternatively we'll let them put their feet up, give their cash gift directly to you via Thankyou. Either way you still get exactly what you're hoping for!

Just to be clear, Thankyou doesn't do the shopping for you. That's not quite how it works - not just yet, anyway. We are experts at handling the gift list, including any cash contributions your Guests would like to give.

Buying the gift is either done by your Guests in their own time (in real life stores or online) or by you (when you receive the contributions into your account.) Receiving cash gives you complete flexibility to change your mind last minute - spend the contributions towards that miniature bust of Beethoven on season tickets to the Theatre. Or vice versa.

Yep! That's the idea! Thankyou is really Your registry, Your way!

We encourage you to list gifts from department stores and gifts to charity as well as asking nicely for contributions towards a much needed household item or holiday. The beauty of Thankyou is that everything can be on the same list.

It's free to create your registry with Thankyou and start adding gifts from anywhere!

If you'd like to list more than 10 gifts on your registry you can upgrade your account. Listing 10 extra gifts costs $19.95 (£12.95), or get an unlimited number for just $49.95 (£29.95).

When you add a gift to your registry we let your Guests choose how they would like to give. They can choose to buy a gift at a store in town, online, or just enter their card details on the spot at Thankyou. Naturally, at any stage you can limit the options your Guests have.

Small charges do apply with cash transactions. So let's be very clear what these are:

When Guests contribute online through Thankyou, we pass on the bank fees at exactly the rate we're charged which is usually between 1-2%. (Don't worry, we're always negotiating for the best rates.)

The other fee for Guests is a Thankyou service charge of 3.9% on cash contributions. However, organisers can opt to upgrade their account for a one-off fee of $89. (That's just £59 for those of us wanting Pounds instead of Dollars) This means no Thankyou service fees will apply to Guests. (Bank charges still apply though.)

There is no fee for organisers redeeming their cash.

Sign up for free and click on the Registry upgrades tab to work out what using Thankyou will cost in the currency of your choice.

Simple as anything. Your generous Guests visit your gift list and tell Thankyou how much or little they'd like to give - either the full amount of a gift that is listed, or perhaps a part-contribution towards a larger gift.

Using their credit card or PayPal account, they deposit their cash gift with us. It takes hardly any time at all, and they can feel really smug because they're almost set for the party, while everyone else is still trudging round the shops like in the old days.

Whenever you're ready, organisers redeem all the cash contributions, the funds land straight in your account, and everyone's happy!

(For full information on charges see 'How much does it cost to use Thankyou?')

A computer, tablet or phone is a good start. Plus the internet. But seriously, pretty much any of the standard browsers you'd expect should work fine - Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari...

But if in doubt, or even if you just feel like a chat, our friendly customer service team like nothing better than a spot of taxing technical troubleshooting. Send them a nice email and see for yourself.

Organiser questions?

Guests usually want some help to know what exactly to buy for a special day. It saves them the bother of shopping around or getting the wrong thing. So, in our experience, they'll be grateful that you helped them by giving them a good idea for your gift.

You can always phrase your invitation to point out that the gift registry is an option, should they wish to purchase a gift.

Certainly. On the page 'What is Thankyou?' page, select 'view demo site'. Or sign up for free and take a good look around...

We provide a template for your 'invitation inserts', allowing you to print off personal labels or cards. It's a stylish way to keep them informed and to let them know your Guest Password if you've chosen one.

Or even simpler, just include a line on your invitations:

'A list of gift suggestions has been placed on thankyouregistry.com'

It is totally up to you! Of course you can register with other stores and list the details on your list at Thankyou! Send your Guests to us and we'll let them know where they can go to shop, or let them contribute straight away and pass the cash on to you to spend.

Rather than registering elsewhere you might like to list what you like. Knowing the particular Wedgewood dinner service (and how many plates) or which Waterford crystal vase can give Guests the chance to buy your gift locally, or provide a link and they can source it directly from your preferred online store.

What we're trying to say is, its up to you! And remember, you can always add more and change your registry as you go along. Sign up for free and create your registry, your way!

You can setup your Thankyou gift registry as early as you like. You'll definitely want to do that before you send out the invitations.

The registry will remain online for nine months after the date of the occasion, allowing you to view information for writing thank you cards. If you need to extend this time, just contact us and we can arrange that.

It might make sense for you to use the same list for the engagement and the wedding, for example. Just remember to update your engagement registry details to a wedding registry before it expires, nine months after the engagement date. (See 'How long is my gift registry available for?')

If your have a different occasion, then you'll need a different registry. But remember, if you have any queries, we're here to help.

Guests visiting your Thankyou registry are asked to select the gifts they wish to purchase. At that point the item is removed from your list. You can choose for the purchased gifts to remain visible, so that new Guests can see what has already been selected.

Absolutely. Thankyou's online contribution service means Guests can choose the amount they wish to contribute and pay online with a credit card or using their PayPal account. You can then redeem the contributions directly into your into your account. A small charges will apply to contributions. (See 'How much does it cost to use Thankyou?')

Contributed funds can be redeemed as soon as they become available. This depends on the banking network and the currencies involved. Usually it takes between 24 and 72 hours for funds to become available.

To prevent unauthorised access to your contributed funds, verification of your identity is required before funds can be redeemed. If any changes are made to the redemption details, new verification will be required.

Thankyou accepts contributions in AUD, CAD, EUR, GBP, NZD, SGD and USD.

Guests can use PayPal, Visa or MasterCard to contribute. Amounts contributed will be redeemed in the same currency.

If you need more information on this, contact our Customer Service team.

Yes you can. Thankyou allows you to upload the following formats: JPG, GIF, PNG and BMP.

When you register with Thankyou, you'll choose a username and password, which you should keep private. You can select which level of security you'd like for Guests viewing your registry and prevent just anyone taking a look.

When you create your gift registry, you'll have access to the 'Helpful info' guide, which provides answers to the basic questions you might have. The guide is always available via the Tips and Hints tab when you log in.

And as always, our customer service team is here ready to help if you need us.

Guest questions?

If you're not a gatecrasher, chances are you have an invitation. Use the web link provided there. It should work like magic!

If you are a gatecrasher, or you can't find your invite, try this instead:

  1. Go to thankyouregistry.com and select "Find a registry"
  2. Enter at least two pieces of info: the occasion type, the organiser's name, the date. Select "Find"
  3. If there's more than one, choose the correct one. (Like that's not obvious.) If you're asked for a Guest Password, you'll find that on the invite. (Sorry gatecrashers!) Select "Gift Registry" to access the list

Find a comfortable armchair and a cup of whatever you fancy. You might need a credit card, so have that handy. Set the mood with some relaxing music if you wish. (Using the gift registry is so quick and easy, you might as well drag it out as good excuse for a relaxing five minutes.)

Sitting comfortably? Now take a look through the list, select a gift and when the system asks nicely, give your name. (It helps the organiser fill in his/her thank you cards.)

The gift you choose might accept contributions online, which you can do right now, or perhaps giving your gift requires a trip to the shops. If you choose the Shop Somewhere Else option, it means you're promising to source the gift yourself, either from an online store or at a shop in town and will make sure it gets to your lucky friend!

We understand, we'll make it snappy.

Take a look at the list. Find a gift you'd like to give and make sure the Giving Method is Guest Choice or Contribute Online. When you're asked, click the Contribute Online button, enter your name and payment details.

That's it. You're done! We'll send you an email telling you it's all sorted.

Enjoy the party!

Good question.

On the gift registry, select "contribute" and enter the amount you'd like to give. It will ask you to input your card or PayPal details.

A small charge will be made, but we like to make that transparent. So see 'How much does it cost to use Thankyou?' for details.

And that's it! We'll pass your generous gift straight to the organiser, leaving you free to find the perfect frock or just get your tux back from the cleaners.

Just select an item to remove it. Do that as soon as you've decided. Receiving more than one Peruvian Nose Flute is always annoying.

If you do select something and then change your mind (it happens to the best of us!) no problem, its easy to swap. Take a look at 'I've changed my mind...' and you'll find out how.

It's just a password you're given so you can see the registry and to make sure 'not just anyone' accesses the list. So if you're given a Guest Word, you can pride yourself on being 'not just anyone'.

As we've mentioned, Thankyou does not purchase gifts or arrange their delivery. But you can make separate arrangements with stores, online or in person. If you contribute cash via Thankyou, this will be deposited into the organiser's account for them to spend purchasing your gift. Thank-you.

Select a gift on the Thankyou website, and you'll get a lovely email back to remind you what you picked. If your email is having a temper tantrum (it happens) you can log into the gift registry, click "select a gift", enter your email address and view the items that way.

If you mean online contribution gifts, then sadly, no. But on the upside, with items you're going to buy yourself, then yes! No problem. Go to the 'Select a gift' tab on the gift registry, enter your email address, and any items selected by that address will be listed. On that page is the option to change the status of those gifts.

If you have no computer, and no friend with a computer, perhaps you have a friend who will print you a copy. If in doubt, ask the organiser. We'd love to help by providing one, but our privacy policy won't let us. Sorry about that.

Several possible reasons:

  • perhaps the organiser wanted more than one
  • perhaps the price on the gift was left blank by the organiser
  • perhaps they've chosen to 'always display' - for example if its an ongoing request for donations to a charity.

So there is usually a good reason, if you're a bit worried, do let the organiser know, or contact us. Have we mentioned our customer service team? Send them a quick email. They'll clear up the mystery in no time.

Help! I'm stuck!

Sounds like security issues. Try the following:

Internet Explorer:
Open a browser window and select from the menu 'tools - internet options - privacy'.
The 'settings' option should be set to 'medium-high' (not high).
Select OK and return to the Thankyou screen to try again.

If it's still not working, message our virtually superhuman customer service team who are tireless in their quest to rid the world of technical issues.

Oh dear. Most standard computer setups are fine with Thankyou, but now and then there's a hiccup.

If you wanted to, you could try to delete your browsing history, just emptying the cache may make a difference.

Occasionally some older systems and software can cause a problem. Fortunately, help is at hand. Contact our legendary customer service team who specialise in cures for hiccups.

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