Top reasons why people choose Thankyou over other gift registries

17th December, 2013

Top reasons why people choose Thankyou over other gift registries

With so many online gift registries around, the choice to have a gift registry and where to register might give you severe headaches. Let’s save you the pain and your precious time and tell you why you, just like many other folks over the years, should use Thankyou instead.

Here are the top reasons why our customers have chosen us:

  • Ever fear coming across as rude, tacky, selfish or just plain classless? We take care of that. Thankyou is classy way to come up with a wish list.  We’ve specialized in asking nicely for almost a decade now. There is no need to feel awkward about asking for gifts (or cash) anymore!

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Thankyou: A polite way to ask for cash gifts

15th November, 2013

Thankyou:  A polite way to ask for cash gifts

Maybe you already have things at home and don’t really need anything that will add clutter or gather dust in a cupboard, but how do you tell your guests that you prefer not to get the traditional wedding gifts? Tricky, isn’t it?

With all that awkward feeling of asking for cash and getting across as rude and tacky, how in the world do you spread the word? Simple. You can make that “conversation”  much easier by using Thankyou!

Start creating a wish list for your wedding gifts and give your guests the easiest option to give you cash gifts. You can list anything – your dream honeymoon, romantic dinners, RnR treatments, donations to your favorite charity or just about anything you like.

Thankyou  takes away  the “tacky” in gift registry. You’ll find it classier and more tasteful to ask for cash gifts when you use the service.

Want to find out how we do this? Here’s a quick look at Thankyou’s cash gift option.

An easier way to RSVP

4th July, 2013

An easier way to RSVP

Hey, did we just hear you guys fighting over RSVPs? Yeah, it’s one of those things in the wedding planning that spark disagreements between couples – one prefers to send an RSVP paper card, the other wants to get it done online. You can actually do both, but if you wish to save on paper and printing costs, we have a great option for you!

Thankyou loves to make everything easier, so while your guests are logged in to your gift registry, you  can also give them the option to send their RSVPs on line. It’s convenient and easy! They don’t have to take the old school route of filling out a card with their meal preferences and dropping it in the mail anymore. They can simply fill out the form in the RSVP & Telegrams tab of your gift registry and you’ll receive it right away.

You can download a spreadsheet or PDF version of the RSVP list and print it from there. Since this list also includes your guests dietary preferences, you can provide a copy  to your caterer so they are able to prepare appropriate meal options for your guests who are on a special diet.

There are many wedding planning elements that can be done more effectively and we at Thankyou love to help you with those!

What do you think of our online RSVP functionality? Share your thoughts with us below.

A Gift Registry for all Occasions

20th June, 2013

A Gift Registry for all Occasions

How do you like the convenience of not having to set up different registries at different stores everywhere? An online gift registry like Thankyou will help you list any item from any store located anywhere in town or online.  What’s even better is that, you can use the same gift registry for another celebration!

Yes, that’s how we roll. Did you sign up for a bridal shower registry? You can use the same one or update the list to be used for your wedding. There’s no need to create a separate one. Just update the occasion type and date in your account – it’s as easy as that. You can also request our team to do this for you – they’d be delighted to help!

A lot of our Occasion Organisers have used their gift registries twice – for the engagement and then their wedding, for a baby shower and then a la’chaim, for a wedding and then their anniversary! How cool is that?

We’re happy to help you make your wishes come true on all your special days. Take a look at our gift registry offering and see which one will work for you!

How ‘green’ is your Gift Registry?

8th June, 2013

How ‘green’ is your Gift Registry?

You’ve heard this before – “it’s not easy being green!”.

Well, for us at Thankyou, it is.

Create a gift registry online with contribution gifts and you’ll save on many things – time, fuel costs, gift wrapping, store delivery fees and all the guesswork that your guests are going through!

List anything you wish – all the eco-friendly stuff you need for home or for your new baby. Environment advocates will love how flexible the registry is – you can even put in a favorite environmental charity and have your guests donate to the cause.

Thankyou loves the environment as much as you do. That’s why we offer an eco-friendly way to celebrate the big occasions in your life.

Set up your environment-friendly gift registry today and we’ll help you and your guests with rest.

Want more eco-chic ideas for your wedding and gift registry? Find out more here.

How to list gifts on Thankyou

4th June, 2013

How to list gifts on Thankyou

Hi there! Thanks for creating a Gift Registry on Thankyou! You have made a fabulous choice to make all your wishes come true on your special occasion.

Our fab people from Customer Service are here to help you out today with listing your  gifts.  Below is a quick guide that will help you list your gifts – whether you want your guests to contribute cash online or let them shop for it wherever they want! So, here it goes…

The basics

First, setting up your gift registry is free. How’s that for a fabulous start? And it gets even better. You can list 10 gifts for free. Pretty cool, eh? Click here to continue reading

Thank you, Thankyou!

3rd June, 2013

Thank you, Thankyou!

Have you ever been invited to a wedding and almost drove yourself nuts because you could not figure out what gift to get? As a wedding guest, we certainly think that is the most difficult thing, especially when you simply love giving presents to people really close to you.

It’s very difficult when you have no idea what to look for and when the couple does not have a wedding registry.  Most of us who  have a full time job or have kids to look after don’t have much spare time to shop around – however, when gift registries, especially online ones like Thankyou are available for you to access, life becomes so much easier. Click here to continue reading

Reasons To Purchase Thankyou Registry Upgrades

4th June, 2012

Reasons To Purchase Thankyou Registry Upgrades

There are quite a number of online gift registries around, and Thankyou stands out by being versatile, flexible and independent. Isn’t it cool to be able to create your ultimate wish list for all your special occasions?

Your Thankyou gift registry also has upgrades that you can purchase and add to your gift list. This enables all occasion organisers to give their registry a more personalised feel and provide more options to their guests who will be purchasing presents off their gift list. So why do you specifically need these? Here is a list of Thankyou’s upgrades and why you would find them useful to add to your registry:

Additional 10 SSE (Shop Somewhere Else)  items – $19.95
When you create a gift registry on Thankyou, you can list 5 free SSE items right away. SSE gifts are items that your Guest can source from any convenient store, they aren’t purchased online through Thankyou. Organisers who wish to add more can purchase an upgrade to add 10 SSE items. A lot of organisers who are planning a small gathering and  have just a few number of gifts in mind get this upgrade in combination with listing their unlimited number of contribution items. Click here to continue reading

Big Ticket Items? List Them As Contribution Gifts!

14th May, 2012

Big Ticket Items? List Them As Contribution Gifts!

Many online gift registries like Thankyou provide options for occasion organisers to list gifts at varying price points in order to give more chances for their guests to select items that are suited to their budget. When it comes to big ticket items for weddings or baby showers and other special occasions, Thankyou allows you to list them as contribution gifts, making the gift giving process a whole lot easier for your guests. Everyone will appreciate the convenience of giving a gift without ever leaving the house to shop for one.

What are the big gifts you can place on your registry? Here are some ideas…. Click here to continue reading

Ultimate Flexibility – thankyou Gift Registry

2nd November, 2011

Ultimate Flexibility – thankyou Gift Registry
In a society where everyone seems to be always on a busy schedule, people who celebrate special occasions look for ways to get everything set up quickly in order to save time. This set up needs to be something that will be convenient not just on your end but to your guests as well. Birthdays, weddings, baby showers are among the most momentous occasions in one’s life and what makes them even more special is when your guests share in your special occasion. Many guests wish to give something to celebrate the occasion and appreciate suggestions of unique gift ideas that you will love.

However, since most of us are pressed for time because of work schedules, important appointments and children to attend to, planning for an occasion or shopping for a gift may sometimes become impossible. Fortunately, there is now a way to make these things more available to you. An online gift registry is one of the best ways to save valuable time for you and your guests. Online gift registries can be used for many types of celebrations – weddings, birthdays, anniversaries or baby showers. As opposed to a traditional store gift registry, an online gift registry at Thankyou will enable you to pick items and gifts that you wish for from any store, anywhere in the world. Click here to continue reading