Your bridal shower gifts questions – answered!

1st April, 2014

Your bridal shower gifts questions – answered!

Bridal showers are traditionally all about preparing the future bride for a new chapter and role in life as a wife. Family and friends join in to celebrate the change and equip her with the “tools” she needs. Just like most traditions, giving bridal shower gifts comes with etiquette rules which most of us are not really aware of. So, if you’ve got a question in mind, you might find the answer below.

The top questions (and their answers), herewith:

As the hostess, do you give the future bride a gift?

While it is customary for the hostess to give a shower present just like everyone else, you can always coordinate with your guests to come up with a group gift (maybe a big ticket item she will need), or you can get a small and very nice gift just from you.

What sorts of gifts are appropriate to give for a bridal shower?

Usually, it’s the same as the traditional wedding gifts – stuff for the new couple’s home. If it’s a themed shower, you will need to get something relevant to the party theme. If the couple has set up a gift registry, you can also take a look in there to get ideas or purchase from there too.

As the bride’s friends, we want to give her a big gift. How do we do that?

First, consider what she needs. Maybe it’s a big household appliance that will be helpful for their home or just something that caters to her interests.

Here’s how to get the funds: Inform everyone who is interested in buying a big gift about the item that the bride (or the couple) needs. When one chips in, hand them a card that they can sign. If have more funds than what the item costs, you can purchase relevant items to the big gift.

When is the right time at the shower for her to open the gifts?

It depends. This is where you need to consider the timing of your shower. If you’ve organised a potluck, the food might cool down while you wait. Typically, she can open the gifts before or after the food is served.

What is the best way to keep a record of all her gifts?

If she has a bridal registry, you need not worry about this. Online gift registries like Thankyou and traditional store registries keep a record of who purchases from the list.

If she is not registered, you can make a copy of the shower guest list and have someone note down who gave what. You can also collect the cards that are attached to the presents and write down on the back what gift was given.

What if she doesn’t have a gift registry?

Convince her…. force her to create one! Nah, just kidding. Some people/couples prefer not to register, some just need a little convincing or some just don’t have the time. Ask the bride what she would have on her wish list and what things she and her groom would like to receive. There’s always something that a person wants or needs! Maybe as the hostess, you can just register the items on her behalf to make everything easier for her and for the guests.

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