Working Together On Your Wedding Gift Registry

4th January, 2013

Working Together On Your Wedding Gift Registry

Hello, brides! Wait, where is your groom while you’re picking out items for your wedding registry? Hmm. M.I.A?

We know you can certainly finish and complete the wedding gift registry on your own, but the Thankyou experts advise that it is best to sit down and create your gift list with your partner. In fact, he is the best person to work with in creating your gift registry. And this is because….

You can both easily determine what gifts should be on your list.
There may be some stuff you don’t  need to include in your gift registry anymore because one of you already owns it. Your partner may already have that kitchenware you think you needed, so go ahead  and talk about what items you still don’t have but are essential to your new home. If you are creating a honeymoon registry, you can both decide which adventures you’d like to experience during your honeymoon and how to list these on your registry.

You both get a say on each gift and agree on which ones suit your combined taste.
Creating a gift registry and picking out the items you want for your home is one of the few aspects of wedding planning that requires time and effort from the both of you. When you pick out your gifts, you both get a say in how you picture your home together or your dream honeymoon or the big ticket items you’ve always wished for. One of the best things about having a thankyou gift registry is that you are not limited to listing just the traditional household items. At Thankyou, you can list big gifts like a wide screen TV, plush furniture, your honeymoon and just about anything else you’d like. Your guests can put in cash contributions toward your gifts or your honeymoon and you can redeem these funds before the big day!

Remember to set aside some of your time to talk about your wedding gift registry. Have fun picking out your gifts!

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