What you need to know about returning gifts

19th July, 2015

What you need to know about returning gifts

Received a present you are sure to not ever use in a lifetime and want to return it to the store? You are lucky if your gift-giver has included a receipt! In this case, here are some things you need to know before you head off:

Store credit or refund

Depending on the store policies, gift-buyers are often given the refund and recipients more or less get store credits instead (depending on the condition of the item). Find out what the policies are, so you have an idea of what they require in these cases.

Mailed Returns or In-Person

Find out if you will get a better deal if you return the item in person or by post. Many online shops require their customers to mail the items they wish to return, however, there are also some that allow people who order online to return them personally.

Handle the item with care

It’s okay to be excited, but be careful to not pierce the packaging or plastic wraps or you risk the possibility of diminishing the value of the gift you wish to return. It’s much worse if you break it!

Fees or no fees?

If you have already opened the item, you might incur fees up to 25% of its value. There are also restocking fees to be dealt with, especially for electronics.

Regular priced purchases vs. Sale items

Your gift-giver might’ve felt good about getting a great deal for your gift, and now you may either be stuck with it or have no other option but to regift. A lot of times, purchases from sales (holidays in particular) are almost non-refundable and non-exchangeable.

Have you ever tried to return a gift to the store? What happened? Tell us about it in Comments below!

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