What to list on your Honeymoon registry

11th April, 2014

What to list on your Honeymoon registry

Wondering how to fill out your honeymoon registry on Thankyou? You can list everything but if you need a guide in organising yours, let us help you out! Here are the things  you can include:

Experiences and activities

Your honeymoon is the perfect time to explore and try activities you’ve never done before, particularly those unique to the region you plan to spend your holiday in.  That being said, make sure you list and detail each of the activities you wish to experience during your trip. Include the most exciting and memorable excursions that your guests will be thrilled to give you as a wedding present.

Accommodations and dining

Most newlyweds love to splurge on dining during their honeymoon, some love to upgrade their accommodation. You can be very specific, if you already know the details, or go for something general like “a romantic dinner at a restaurant overlooking the Pacific Ocean”. You can also include breakfasts, lunches and night life treats too!

Travel gear

Whether both of you are experienced travelers or first-timers, it is a great idea to register for travel items – accessories, gear and maybe a book or travel guide will be helpful. Think of all the segments of your trip and all the activities you plan to enjoy. Don’t be shy about adding the items you’ll need along the way. They will all come in handy throughout your trip and you’ll be thinking of the person who gave them to you – so in a way they’ll be sharing your adventure!

Rest and relaxation

One of the keys to a good trip is good relaxation. Take time to recharge your batteries for the next adventure – after all, this is your honeymoon! Include spa treatments, massages, yoga classes in your registry. If you haven’t tried any of these before, explain that in your registry. This way your family and friends will know how unique and special these opportunities will be for you!

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