Wedding Gift Registry Trend: Online Contribution Gifts

5th October, 2012

Wedding Gift Registry Trend: Online Contribution Gifts

Cash gifts….another big discussion on etiquette, especially if it is the wedding present you prefer to receive from your guests. Asking for and giving cash as a wedding gift has always been a grey area in wedding etiquette. It is seen as uncreative and impersonal however, it remains as the top wedding gift that’s preferred and requested – often by guests!

It is not until recent times we’ve seen very significant trends on how couples use their wedding gift registries to nicely ask for monetary gifts. Consequently, many guests now also prefer to help newlyweds get a good start in their new life as a married couple by giving cash. Younger couples may be looking into saving for their future house or car and the more established ones would probably love to get something extra-special for their honeymoon.

With the internet’s all-encompassing power, couples now have a great way to politely and tastefully ask for cash gifts without feeling awkward. An online gift registry like Thankyou is a helpful tool that allows couples request online cash contributions alongside the traditional items they also need for their home. With this, guests have a full range of gift options to choose from on the gift registry. They can select a gift that they can purchase at their favorite stores or use their credit card to contribute any amount they wish to give as a wedding present.

Couples can list anything they want as online contribution gifts on Thankyou – new furniture, kitchen equipment upgrades, gadgets and any big items they wish to eventually purchase for their home can be put together in their registry for guests to contribute to. The funds are kept safely in the registry and can be accessed and redeemed to their bank account anytime. There’s no need to wait until after the wedding! Cash contributions can be used even before the big day to help couples with their wedding budget or help book their honeymoon in advance.

Thankyou helps with asking for cash gifts nicely. If you wish to know more about the convenience that online contributions provide, you can read about it here.

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