Wedding and charity registries – the new trend!

15th June, 2013

Wedding and charity registries – the new trend!

There are many things in life that are of great value, like love and charity – and what a lovely way to honor both when you get married!

In the recent years, we’ve seen so many couples who have used Thankyou and have incorporated a charitable element into their wedding. It’s very gratifying to see them open their generous hearts to others as they start a new phase in their lives. It is such a wonderful way to celebrate love – by sharing it with others! Now doesn’t that put a good vibe to a wedding?

If you wish to celebrate your marriage and also help with the causes close to your hearts, Thankyou has a few tips when creating a wedding registry/charity registry:

  • Select a charity that has a personal meaning to you and your spouse. If you need to coordinate with the organization about your plan to donate to the cause as part of your wedding, do this in advance so you can get all the information that you and your guests need to know.

  • When listing cash donations to your favourite organization, provide a link to their website where guests can directly give their cash contributions. If there’s an option for check donations, do not forget to include that as well.

  • You can also list items that a charitable institution needs- for example, blankets for the Red Cross, medical supplies for a children’s hospital, vaccines and treatment for animal welfare and the like.

Thankyou would love to help you share the love. Create a wedding registry with a cause on!

What are your plans on your wedding/charity registry? Tell us about it in Comments.

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