Ultimate Flexibility – thankyou Gift Registry

2nd November, 2011

Ultimate Flexibility – thankyou Gift Registry
In a society where everyone seems to be always on a busy schedule, people who celebrate special occasions look for ways to get everything set up quickly in order to save time. This set up needs to be something that will be convenient not just on your end but to your guests as well. Birthdays, weddings, baby showers are among the most momentous occasions in one’s life and what makes them even more special is when your guests share in your special occasion. Many guests wish to give something to celebrate the occasion and appreciate suggestions of unique gift ideas that you will love.

However, since most of us are pressed for time because of work schedules, important appointments and children to attend to, planning for an occasion or shopping for a gift may sometimes become impossible. Fortunately, there is now a way to make these things more available to you. An online gift registry is one of the best ways to save valuable time for you and your guests. Online gift registries can be used for many types of celebrations – weddings, birthdays, anniversaries or baby showers. As opposed to a traditional store gift registry, an online gift registry at Thankyou will enable you to pick items and gifts that you wish for from any store, anywhere in the world.

Thankyouregistry.com is a pioneer in the online gift registry industry and offers a wide range of gift options for you to choose from for any type of occasion. With this online gift registry service, you will never have to worry about receiving duplicate gifts on your special day. Setting up your registry is a breeze and is always free of charge. You will have the opportunity to make your own wish list and your guests will never have to guess what to give you! You can choose items from a physical or an online gift store and list them on your registry.

There are many advantages in using thankyouregistry.com’s online gift registry service. Aside from the “any item, any store, anywhere” option, you also have the chance to list down lifestyle and experience packages such as luxury holidays anywhere, special lessons or club memberships. Thankyou also gives you an option to have your guests make cash contributions online using their credit cards to any of the gift items that you have listed. This provides your guests with more flexibility and convenience, especially if they have very little time to drive to a store and purchase an item in your gift list. Their contributions are transferred to your bank account as cash.

You can personalize your gift registry link, print Thankyou invitation inserts, purchase registry upgrades and create and accept RSVPs online. In order to keep your registry secure and available to be viewed only by your guests, you have the option to create a “Guest word” or a password for guests to access your gift list. You will need to include this “Guest word” in your invitations. Your online gift registry is available for six months after your occasion which will give you more time to send your thank you cards to your guests.

With Thankyouregistry.com, you get the ultimate flexibility and versatility in your gift registry for any type of occasion. List anything and receive the gifts you have always wished for. You and your guests will appreciate how much your gift registry helps in taking out the guesswork, preventing duplicate presents and providing a stress-free experience in gift-giving.

Visit thankyouregistry.com today to find out more!

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