Top reasons why people choose Thankyou over other gift registries

17th December, 2013

Top reasons why people choose Thankyou over other gift registries

With so many online gift registries around, the choice to have a gift registry and where to register might give you severe headaches. Let’s save you the pain and your precious time and tell you why you, just like many other folks over the years, should use Thankyou instead.

Here are the top reasons why our customers have chosen us:

  • Ever fear coming across as rude, tacky, selfish or just plain classless? We take care of that. Thankyou is classy way to come up with a wish list.  We’ve specialized in asking nicely for almost a decade now. There is no need to feel awkward about asking for gifts (or cash) anymore!

  • We mean it when we say we’re the most versatile registry around.  In fact, you can use Thankyou for any special occasions – baby showers, graduations, weddings, Christmas, housewarming parties, engagement, bridal/groom showers, birthdays, anniversaries or just any event you like to celebrate with gifts.

  • You can list anything you like from any store or online shops anywhere in the world (did we say we’re versatile?). This time, you don’t have to be tied to a chain store anymore and look like you just got a sponsorship from a high street store! Thankyou lets you choose the gifts you really like, whether that’s from your favorite local shop, online or from any international vendor. No more trips to the shop and going through the maze of aisles just to find the item you like.

  • You can give your guests the option to choose where to purchase the gift. Guests can choose where to shop – you can suggest a store, or, they can go their way and find a great deal at a shop closer or more convenient to them. Guests can also choose to “purchase” online though Thankyou. Basically, this means your Guests pass on the money so you can buy the item yourself! This is certainly our most popular gift giving method!

  • For your extremely busy guests who may not have the time to shop, they might prefer to give you money instead. Through Thankyou, they can use their credit card and give any amount they wish for you to use in purchasing the gifts you have listed or to put towards something else you would prefer.

  • If you are listed with other store or online registries, you can still put the information in your Thankyou gift registry, so you have them all in just one place! Your guests don’t have to look around everywhere just to find your list. Fab isn’t it?

  • Signing up is free! Yes, you read that right.  Easy, quick and absolutely FREE.

  • Access your cash gifts and transfer them anytime to your own account. You don’t have to wait until your occasion to be able to use the money you received in your registry. Redeem the funds anytime – before, on or after your occasion.

All these great things – just for you….just for your occasion – all in one gift registry.

Head on to and check out what we mean!

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