Top Reasons why Guests wish you have a Gift Registry

27th June, 2013

Top Reasons why Guests wish you have a Gift Registry

You’re getting married.  Your planning is going along smoothly. However, for some reason, you did not set up a gift registry.

Now you are getting gazillions of phone calls from your guests all day long, all week long – all of them asking what you’d like for a wedding gift or where you are registered. No matter how much you adore these people, answering phone calls or text messages during the course of a busy wedding planning or working day can become overwhelming and definitely takes up a lot of precious time.

Your guests will keep on asking unless you give them a guide or an idea of what kind of gifts to shop for. Here’s why they wish you actually have a gift registry:

  1. Your gift registry will give them a sense of your style. Perhaps many of your guests have not been to your home, and have no idea what your decorating style is like. A gift registry will help them get a glimpse into your taste and style, and shop for gifts that would fit right in.

  2. It lets them know what you already have. This will help them shop for gifts that are not similar to what your other guests have already purchased.

  3. It is helpful to guests who are not that close to you. Maybe you’ve invited your Aunt who lives far away, whom you haven’t seen since you were 12. Your gift registry will help her a lot and reduce the liklihod of you receiving lilac crocheted doilies…

  4. A gift registry gives a chance for your guests to shop for a wedding-appropriate gift that is suited to their budget. Plus, they will feel more comfortable knowing that even the smallest things you’ve registered for that they bought will be appreciated.

  5. It is convenient and will save them time. Yes, we all run out of time at some point and your busy guests may not have a lot of it during the day. If you have a gift registry, they won’t have to waste time guessing or hopping from shop to shop to find something you like.

Thankyou offers the best for you and your guests – convenience, flexibility and a hassle-free gift registry. Guests love it because they have an option to shop for a gift you’ve listed or give cash to help you buy the things you’ve registered for. Check out more about our services and what we do at

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