Too many baby shower offers!

31st August, 2013

Too many baby shower offers!

Seems like everyone around you is excited! If the news of your pregnancy has got your best friend, your officemates and your church jumping up and down and planning your baby shower, well, you have nothing to worry about…. unless of course, you only want one for all of them. So how do you turn down the offers? Or, should you really turn them down? It’s hard to be popular, eh?

While it’s nice of you to want to save all of these folks the trouble, these people may just have great shower ideas and you may as well consider taking up their offer!

Say, for example, the shower organised by your bestfriend will be the one where your family and friends will be present, consider that as your “main” baby shower. Your baby shower at the office will likely be a more low-key affair, with cake and punch plus a group gift. If there’s another one organised by your church and you feel awkward about receiving gifts, you can ask them to make a donation to the parish instead.

There is less likely to be an overlap of people between these three groups, but if there are some who fall into one or more of these circles, tell him or her that she is invited to any of the showers. Take a moment to say you’d love to see them at both events but they need not feel obligated to bring multiple gifts.

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