To register or not to register

22nd November, 2013

To register or not to register

It’s down to a few more months before this year goes again, but the discussion on whether or not to register for wedding gifts simply never ends.

Should you or should you not register? Which side of the debate are you on?

There may be some points that you and your guests must have overlooked if you are against registering for gifts. Here they are:

  • Gift registries are incredibly helpful and organised. It’s never a “greedy” thing to register and most wedding guests find it as a very convenient and efficient way to give you a unique gift that you would treasure.

  • A gift registry is a suggestion list only.  This is a point that many people do not realise.  Wedding guests are not mandated to buy from it. They can choose to not purchase from the registry and find something else that you might like instead.

  • For guests who are extremely busy, your gift registry/online gift registry is a great way to save them the shopping time. No need for them to worry about gift wrapping and delivery arrangements.

  • Don’t need 3 toasters and 5 blenders? Register and you won’t get duplicate gifts. It also saves you the hassle of going through receipts and returning or exchanging them at the store.

  • The best gift registries also allow you to receive cash gifts! Yes, who wouldn’t love to be gifted with cash, anyway?

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