Things to remember when creating your wedding registry

20th November, 2013

Things to remember when creating your wedding registry

It’s perfectly okay to register for gifts, but don’t get too caught up with all the fancy stuff just because you have the freedom to list anything you like! Here’s what our gift registry experts say:

Don’t list everything and anything that pops into mind.

Using Thankyou for your wedding? Yeah, we understand it’s easy to get carried away because you can really list anything in there! However, it is best to first discuss with your future spouse which things you both would like to list. Take a good look around your home and find out which ones you already have and check with each other how many of the items you are registering for do you really need. When you both agree, you’ll be able to create a wedding registry with all your must-haves.

List extra items.

Feeling awkward about this? You don’t have to be. We find that a lot of guests who buy from a couple’s registry actually purchase 2 items or even more! So if you don’t have enough gifts on the registry, your guests won’t have that much choices for their gift budget.  Here’s a good tip: Consider the number of guests attending your wedding to determine how many items should go into your registry.

Get the word out.

There is no point in doing a registry if you don’t inform your guests. You can have your parents or members of your wedding party to spread the word if you prefer not to put the info in your invitations. If someone asks you directly, tell them!

Register for gifts with various prices.

This will give your guests the option to pick what suits their budget.

Always update your wedding registry.

Don’t make the mistake of creating a wedding registry and then just letting the system take its course! Sure, we understand you might not want to “peek”, but it will be so much better to take a look every now and then to make sure everything is updated and that there are enough gifts left for other guests. This also gives you an opportunity to list something that you may have both missed when you were initially deciding on the gifts.

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