The wedding gifts you should never give

19th August, 2015

The wedding gifts you should never give

Invited to a wedding and prefer to give the couple a surprise gift? Okay, we get it. Maybe you wish to be unique and would like to give something personal despite the fact that they have a gift registry. We understand. If you do decide to venture off the couple’s wedding registry, we have some good advice for you.

  • Do not give something monogrammed unless they specifically have one on their registry. It is impossible to return monogrammed items and it adds the unnecessary expense for you. Wouldn’t it be better if you spend the money for the monogram charge on an item of better quality? The couple can always take it to be monogrammed whenever they wish.
  • Do not give a very obvious re-gift. Items that have been inscribed to you or have been noticeably used shows thoughtlessness to the newlyweds.
  • Do not give half a gift. No, a half-gift is never useful and the newlyweds and most likely, they will not end up with a matching item for it.
  • Do not gift a honeymoon excursion that is out of their holiday itinerary. It is the moment for them to relax and enjoy their first trip as a couple. Do not force them to go snorkeling or go on a boat ride if they are not interested (ask them first okay?). Instead, why don’t you organise champagne to be brought up to their hotel room at their convenience? Or maybe you can order a bottle of wine at one of the restaurants where they plan to dine? Sounds like a better idea, right?
  • Do not give something insinuating. Avoid gifts that seem assuming or judgmental with regard to the couple’s future no matter now unintentional (ex. Baby items and clothes, relationship advice and self-help books).
  • Do not give a gift that can go bad. We are talking food baskets, flowers and the like – things that will perish over time. Come on, no couple wants dead flowers or moldy fruits when they return from their honeymoon.
  • Do not give something that does not fit their lifestyle. If you know they are moving to an apartment in the city, the hammock or outdoor furniture you wish to buy them may not be suitable at all. Inappropriate gifts show that you don’t know them very well. Make sure to do some research before buying! Never give them artwork – unless you know which one they really, really want! (and you have the budget for the framing costs as well).
  • Avoid gifts that target just the bride or the groom. Give something that they can both enjoy instead. Find out which things they enjoy doing together and you’re sure to make them both happy!

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  1. Thanks for sharing these ideas. This list can work as a useful guide for those who are in search of the best gifts to buy. Certainly, it is not just about what you want to give because you have to consider the usefulness of your present for the couple. Gift giving should have a personal touch to become more special.

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