The wedding Gift Registry: Grooms want in!

28th July, 2013

The wedding Gift Registry: Grooms want in!

In the past, many men would politely bow out when it was time to head out and pick items for the wedding registry. Grooms would smile sweetly and just say “whatever you want, dear” with the talk of china patterns, but, it has all changed now. Online gift registries like Thankyou have given the guys a new found empowerment in choosing the items they want, too!

It’s a couple’s registry after all, so why shouldn’t he get involved? The fact is, many gift registries here at Thankyou are also set up by the grooms themselves! How cool is that?

At Thankyou, the grooms are no longer limited to the standard department store items. They can create a gift registry without ever walking into a shop, and with the option to list anything from any store anywhere, sky is the limit!

She wants Wedgwood, he wants camping gear. No problem! Everything can be listed at Thankyou. That is the beauty of a versatile online gift registry. You can even put your store registry information on your Thankyou gift registry, so they’re all in a single list. Convenient and easier for everyone, isn’t it?

It’s fun to see the guys excited about setting up the wedding registry! Is your future spouse involved in picking the registry gifts too?

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