The top wedding registry tips you need to know

1st July, 2015

The top wedding registry tips you need to know

Registering for your wedding? Our experts at Thankyou are here to help you out!

To get you started on the right track, here are the top tips you need to know:

  1. It’s never too early to register. As soon the engagement is announced, most couples attest to the fact that guests start asking what types of gift that they will appreciate or where they will be registering. Talk it over – would you like an online wedding registry or a store registry? What sorts of stuff would you like to receive? There are many other things to consider and think about regarding your registry, so it is definitely better if you have more time

  2. Create a registry that reflects your style, interests and personality. If you were never a fan of cooking but both of you really love camping, it makes more sense to register for camping gear than to request for cookware. However, also be open to the reality that your interests and tastes could also change over the years. You may not see yourself hosting parties today, but those serving trays might become indispensable during your family dinner parties or special occasions.

  3. If you are going the traditional way, take an inventory of what you already have, what you will keep and what you still want and need. What else do you need for “everyday use” and for “formal use” when it comes to glassware, dinnerware, serving items, linens and the like? Before you begin, it is best that you agree with brands, patterns or color schemes.

  4. Having a store registry? Ask a sales rep or gift registry consultant of the store about the gift-buying process and store locations. Can your guests purchase over the phone, online or via fax? It is also important that you ask about delivery options and other charges that come with your wedding registry.

  5. Store registries often offer discounts or completion programs along with their gift registry services. Consult the store’s gift registry specialist about these perks.

  6. Have two or three registries (a combination of online and store registries) for your guests’ convenience. Although most people find it very convenient to shop online, some may prefer to drive into town and shop around for great deals.  Registering in more than one location also gives your guests various choices. If you have an online registry with Thankyou,  you can also place your other registries’ information on the same list.

  7. Register together! Whether that’s online or at a store you’ve chosen, do it together. It’s good practice for the future when it comes to decision making. This way, you’ll also get the chance to bond and choose the stuff you both will enjoy.

  8. Be considerate to your guests. Choose items that are of various price points. Some couples provide their guest a mix of traditional and non-traditional gifts. Remember, make your gift registry choices more appealing – this way, it’s easier for your guests, young and old to purchase your gifts.

  9. Register a good number of gift items. Ideally, it should be more than the number of folks you have on your guest list. Why? Some generous guests choose to give two or more gifts and if that happens, you might run out of items for the late shoppers.

  10. Keep track of your registry – organise your list and update it from time to time. Now some of you might not want the “peeking” that comes with this, but it really, really helps. (we can’t emphasize that more!)

  11. Make sure that your registry information is available to your guests. You’ve spent time in creating your wish list, so be proud of it and get word out! You can post the registry information on your wedding website (if you have one) or have a family member, your maid of honor or one in your wedding party to spread the word.

  12. Always be gracious. Send out your thank-you notes promptly. For presents received before the wedding, you have two weeks to write and send your thank-you notes. For the gifts you have received on and after the wedding, make sure you send your notes within a month after you return from your honeymoon.

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