The Growing Trend Of Housewarming Registries

23rd April, 2012

The Growing Trend Of Housewarming Registries

Most new homeowners may be surprised that there are actually gift registries that can cater to their plans for a housewarming party. Whether you are a married couple who recently moved to a new neighborhood or single and just bought a new home, housewarming registries can be a great help for your friends and family to chanel the right “little something” your way.

Housewarming registries are among the fastest-growing nontraditional celebrations that have recently seen a boom in our society. Just like wedding or baby shower registries, many people now think it makes perfect sense to buy something that the new homeowner needs, rather than guessing what gift to bring.

Ohhh, no! I hear you gasp! I couldn’t possibly create a registry for a house warming!

While the whole idea sounds delightful and convenient to many, housewarming registries have also drawn a lot of negative feedback from a number of individuals. Some think that any type of registry is tacky, greedy and unethical and that is unacceptable to get your guests to help you furnish a new but otherwise empty home. Even when the event organiser doesn’t broadcast their registry, some argue that the event is not considered a gift giving occasion and that the point of having a housewarming party is to simply invite your family and friends to see your new home.

Despite the varying opinions on this matter, housewarming registries continue to become a new trend in many places around the world. Guests invited to a housewarming party now want to give something for the home that will last longer than the traditional gifts of food and wine. They want to give gifts that are memorable and things that you will be able use, especially if you are a first-time homeowner. Decor, small kitchen items or a gift certificate to a home improvement shop are among the most popular things that guests choose on your housewarming registry. Thankyou allows you to list anything – big or small- on your gift list, and with along with the convenience that this brings to you and your guests, you will be able to enjoy your housewarming party more than ever when you receive gifts that will complement your lovely new home.

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