The coolest things about Honeymoon Registries

5th June, 2013

The coolest things about Honeymoon Registries

Ah, it’s one of those wedding-related things that people may either find tacky or tasteful. The thing is, honeymoon registries like Thankyou, have become a big trend over the past few years!

So why is this so cool? Check out the top reasons:

It’s easy and fun to create one – and you can list anything!

Honeymoon registries, which are mostly created online, are very easy to use – for Guests and Bride and Grooms alike. On Thankyou, you can list any activity or experience you’d like on your honeymoon – skydiving, romantic candlelit dinners, museum tours, island hopping or just about anything you want to experience.

You need not travel on a budget.

Well, yeah, you will budget your honeymoon funds at some point no matter how much you are working with, but if you have extra funds from your registry, you can indulge in certain activities that are usually skipped by couples due to the hefty costs likes off-site excursions, 5 star restaurant dinners, luxury spa treatments and the like.

You and your guests won’t have to fuss about transporting physical presents.

There are many engaged couples who met in places away from home and when the big day comes, their families come from all over the country (or from overseas maybe). When you have a honeymoon registry, your guests from everywhere can easily give you a wedding gift that won’t have to be shipped to your home or to be brought along during the occasion.

There’s no need to go into debt.

Hey, did you know that there are many newlyweds who go into debt while traveling on their honeymoon? It’s a fact, but if you a honeymoon registry to help you out, there’s no need to worry. With recession affecting many people all over the globe, it may be a hard time to plan a luxury getaway, however, if you plan your honeymoon registry well, you can even return from your holiday with extra cash to spare.

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