The British Gift List Guide

17th January, 2013

The British Gift List Guide

Get on the right track starting your married life with a gift list service that is suited to your needs.

Whatever you wish to put on your wedding list, be it traditional china, artwork, modern home furnishings or additional fine wine for your cellar, a gift list should be versatile enough to allow you to list anything you like. Check out this guide to gift lists in the UK:

Gift List/Gift Registry How Do I Register Purchase Options for Guests Gift Delivery Gift Listing Options
Thankyou Registry Online at In store or online Online cash contributions or Guests can shop from their preferred store Guest’s Choice, either from an individual store or via Thankyou direct to your account. List any gifts from any store anywhere for any occasion.

Let Guests choose how they’d like to give or make a recommendation to them.

Thankyou has online RSVP and Telegrams, Lists can be updated anytime.

Cash gifts can be redeemed anytime even before the occasion to be spent however you like.

Debenhams Online, In-store, Phone Online, In-store, Phone Available Traditional Items, Honeymoon fund, charity options, gift card or a combination of any/all, personalised wedding website
House Of Fraser Online, In-store Online, In-store, Phone Available within UK Mainland, Northern Ireland and Eire Gift Card Options that can be used online or in-store, offers traditional household items, experience packages, gadgets and has items from exclusive brands that are not sold anywhere else.
John Lewis online, In-store Online, In-store, Phone Available Can set up a registry for any occasion, add vouchers and create a list for charity
Marks & Spencer online, In-store Online, In-store, Phone Set a preferred delivery date Has own brand designs (furniture, china etc), multiple price ranges, offers option to exchange your gifts after the occasion
Selfridges online, In-store Online, In-store, Phone 2 available deliveries for UK lists , 2 deliveries in Ireland Cash Donations to be spent in store, can create a gift list for any occasion
Harrods In-store, Phone In-store, Phone Available within UK Mainland Occasions Account – choose specific items in the store or Weddings and Celebrations Gift card – guests can give money and you can spend it in store
Heal’s In-store, online, phone Online, In-store, Phone Available in UK areas List high end furniture, homeware, list can be managed in-store, online or both.
Next In-store, Online Online, In-store, Phone Guest to organise with store List homeware, electricals, kitchen, furniture

Please note: information is correct at the time of writing (Jan 2013)

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