The Advantages of Online Contribution Gifts

11th June, 2012

The Advantages of Online Contribution Gifts

Many engaged couples start a gift registry as part of their wedding plans. However, if you already have what you need at your home or do not want any traditional wedding gifts, what do you do?  This is where the one gift that everyone needs and appreciates come in – cash.

Most brides and grooms don’t actually know how to ask for money, despite the fact it is something they really prefer as a gift. While it is something that’s been a subject of varying opinions from different individuals and etiquette standards, you can now breathe and relax because there is an easy and tasteful way to get through this dilemma.

Thankyou Gift Registry allows you to create a gift list where your family and friends can make online cash contributions. You can list your honeymoon, lifestyle or experience gifts or big ticket items you have always wished for and have guests contribute directly to them on your registry. Here are the advantages  in listing your gifts for guest contributions:

Listing contribution gifts is quick, easy and free. Path
You don’t have to spend hours in retail stores scanning the gifts you wish to add on your wedding registry. Creating a registry on Thankyou only takes a minute and once you sign up, you can start adding gifts right away. The great thing is, you can list an unlimited number of online contribution gifts for free!

You can access the funds anytime.
You don’t have to wait until after the wedding to use the cash gifts from your guests. You can log in anytime on your registry and check the contributions, transfer them to your nominated bank account and use the funds to help you pay for the other aspects of your wedding of for your honeymoon. You’d be surprised how many guests would also still want to give gifts after the occasion – this is why your gift registry is still available online six months after your wedding. This will also give you time to log back in to your gift list and use it as a reference when writing your thank you notes.

It is more convenient and easier on your guests.
Your guests all have busy schedules and lives to lead, many do not want to make the time to shop around for a present. With online contribution gifts, you can save them the shopping time – they only need to access your registry and select a gift they’d like to contribute to. They can give as much or as little as they like using their credit cards and they don’t have to go out of the house anymore to purchase a gift. Sometimes Brides, Grooms or Parents-to-be think it is in bad taste to list cash contribution items, but here at thankyou we see the other side of the story. We take hundreds of calls from Guests asking why they cant purchase online using their credit card! So, there’s no need to list everything as a contribution item, but our advice is make sure there are at least a few on your list for those time poor guests who are keen to make a quick contribution.

You can use the funds however you like.
Once you withdraw the contributions from your nominated bank account, you can use them however you like. You can to purchase the things you need or use them as pocket cash for your honeymoon – it is entirely up to you! Meanwhile, we have recorded what your guest contributed to, so you’re able to thank your guests for exactly what they contributed to, even if you chose to spend their contribution on something else.

It limits the chances of carrying around cash/cheques on your wedding day.
Many guests love to give cash instead of traditional gifts. While giving cash or a cheque in an envelope is also convenient for them, that would mean you’ll have to carry around hundreds or thousands of dollars on your very busy wedding day. When you have large sums of money like this on a busy occasion, there may be a possibility to lose or misplace them; but,with online contributions, the funds are deposited safely in your bank account.

You do not have to feel awkward about asking for cash instead of gifts on your big day. Monetary gifts are actually acceptable and are considered proper for many years now and are even the preferred wedding gifts in many cultures. Remember though, that no matter how much people give you on this special day, your appreciation for their thoughtfulness should always be the same.

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