Thankyou is for You!

10th August, 2013

Thankyou is for You!

Not everyone gets married but most people go to weddings… Guests give generously to family and friends as they get married, have children and progress down the traditional life style path. But what about people who choose a different route? No marriage, no children, wouldn’t it be nice to give them a very special gift to mark a special occasion in their life? Why not organise a gift registry on their behalf?

Thankyou is the perfect gift registry for everyone and for all occasions. Celebrate your life’s big events – birthdays, Christmas, housewarming or graduation with Thankyou. It’ll be fun! Set up your gift registry, sit back, relax and watch your wishes come true! You’ll love everything about your special day especially if you get the presents you’ve always wanted.

Take a look and see what we can do for you and the things you wish to celebrate. We’re here to help you and your guests anytime! Head over to or send an email to

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