Thankyou Gift Registry – Versatile, Flexible And Now More Affordable

30th November, 2011

Thankyou Gift Registry – Versatile, Flexible And Now More Affordable

Guess what? There is great news from Australia’s most versatile online gift registry!

Thankyou’s Gift Registry service has been long recognized for its ultimate flexibility, and now, a recent update has made it even better than ever. Occasion organisers and guests will be happy to know that Thankyou’s new fees are now more affordable!

Along with the same great services that customers have highly regarded over the years, thankyou is now offering an option to remove fees on Guests contributions when the organiser pays an upfront $89. This is in response to several requests by occasion organisers who want to take care of the guest fees. Normally, guests are charged a small thankyou service fee whenever they contribute online to a gift item in the registry. With the Remove Guest Fees upgrade, generous guests will not have to worry about these charges anymore.

And, there is even more good news! For occasion organisers redeeming their contributions, the 3% thankyou service fee is now capped at $75. This means that once the total value of redemption fees on a registry reaches $75, you won’t pay any more. So for example, if you received a total of $5000 in contributions, from your guests the redemption fee capped at $75 means fees are the equivalent of just 1.5%

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