Thankyou Draft Promo Text

3rd September, 2013

Thankyou Draft Promo Text

Its exciting! You’re having a celebration! And friends want to give you presents… Ohhh no!

How do you suggest politely what you’d like? From lots of stores, online and those in town… as well as asking for that 4 letter “C” word “CASH” ?

Thankyou Registry has your problem solved.

Add anything you’d like, from any store in the world. And all on the same list!

Add the gifts you’d like from

Online stores

Shops in town

Or say “Cash preferred” without actually saying it.

Then, your friends and family take a look at your Thankyou Registry.
They decide where they’d like to shop, maybe at the store you listed or even easier, online, through Thankyou.

Shopping with Thankyou means your Guest ‘hands’ us the cash to give straight to you. Its safe, its secure – and we’ve been doing this a long time!

Then it’s your turn to go shopping and pick up the gifts you really want.

And the best thing is… its all on the same list!

Your gift registry, your way – start getting everything you want today!

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