Thankyou: A polite way to ask for cash gifts

15th November, 2013

Thankyou:  A polite way to ask for cash gifts

Maybe you already have things at home and don’t really need anything that will add clutter or gather dust in a cupboard, but how do you tell your guests that you prefer not to get the traditional wedding gifts? Tricky, isn’t it?

With all that awkward feeling of asking for cash and getting across as rude and tacky, how in the world do you spread the word? Simple. You can make that “conversation”  much easier by using Thankyou!

Start creating a wish list for your wedding gifts and give your guests the easiest option to give you cash gifts. You can list anything – your dream honeymoon, romantic dinners, RnR treatments, donations to your favorite charity or just about anything you like.

Thankyou  takes away  the “tacky” in gift registry. You’ll find it classier and more tasteful to ask for cash gifts when you use the service.

Want to find out how we do this? Here’s a quick look at Thankyou’s cash gift option.

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