Thank you, Thankyou!

3rd June, 2013

Thank you, Thankyou!

Have you ever been invited to a wedding and almost drove yourself nuts because you could not figure out what gift to get? As a wedding guest, we certainly think that is the most difficult thing, especially when you simply love giving presents to people really close to you.

It’s very difficult when you have no idea what to look for and when the couple does not have a wedding registry.  Most of us who  have a full time job or have kids to look after don’t have much spare time to shop around – however, when gift registries, especially online ones like Thankyou are available for you to access, life becomes so much easier.

Thankyou offers two fantastic options for busy wedding guests – you can either shop for the gift yourself at your favorite store (after removing it from the registry) or, you can contribute an amount online to the gift  you have chosen and then sit back, relax and enjoy your friend’s big day!

When you already know what gift to get the happy couple, you save a lot of time and money.  Without a gift registry, you’d exhaust yourself driving around, hopping from one shop to another, trying to find the perfect gift! However, with Thankyou, you can give a gift without leaving the house! Just get on the computer, contribute to a gift and it’s all done! Thank-you, Thankyou!

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