Sprinkle parties – the new baby shower!

18th June, 2013

Sprinkle parties – the new baby shower!

Mums-to-be, want your shower to be as fab and hip as you are? We have some quick ideas for welcoming your baby with a classy bang.

Today, baby showers are much lighter compared to the all-out shower bash. Some event planners call it a ‘sprinkle’. Sprinkle parties are usually organised for mums who already have little ones at home. They receive just the items they need and not what they already have at home for a newborn. And, if your first child is a girl and you’re expecting a boy this time, you can have the event focus on the boy stuff. Food at sprinkle parties are also lighter – you can consider serving miniature versions of any treats that you love. Mini-foods like French toast squares, cupcake bars and fruit kabobs are preferable and a creative way to add some zest to your treats without worrying about the mess.

Now, grandma’s shower games might not suit you or your modern baby, so indulge the guilty pleasures (you deserve it, come on!). You can have celebrity-based games (match the parent/child) or have some guests read out some advice columns instead of doing the old Mad libs game.

If you are environment conscious, make your sprinkle party a green one by serving organic foods. Create an eco-friendly gift registry on Thankyou and request organic clothing or gifts with earth-friendly packaging. You can also have your guests to contribute to an item instead to save them the shopping time and delivery fees.

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