Your bridal shower gifts questions – answered!

1st April, 2014

Your bridal shower gifts questions – answered!

Bridal showers are traditionally all about preparing the future bride for a new chapter and role in life as a wife. Family and friends join in to celebrate the change and equip her with the “tools” she needs. Just like most traditions, giving bridal shower gifts comes with etiquette rules which most of us are not really aware of. So, if you’ve got a question in mind, you might find the answer below.

The top questions (and their answers), herewith:

As the hostess, do you give the future bride a gift?

While it is customary for the hostess to give a shower present just like everyone else, you can always coordinate with your guests to come up with a group gift (maybe a big ticket item she will need), or you can get a small and very nice gift just from you. Click here to continue reading

Christmas Gift Registries – Are They Naughty or Nice?

2nd December, 2013

Christmas Gift Registries – Are They Naughty or Nice?

Yes, we’ve heard tacky, rude, selfish but we’ve also heard smart, useful and organised.

Christmas is in a few weeks and a lot of us may be very busy shopping for gifts now. Before you storm to the department store cashier and pay for what you think is a thoughtful holiday present for someone, have you actually asked yourself, is this what he or she really wants this year?

You’d be surprised that when it comes to gifting, a lot of us are not really paying attention to what other  people really like! Yes, we miss the boat because we ignore direct gift requests and worse, we assume that by trying an entirely different route, our gifts will be seen as much more thoughtful compared to what was specifically requested. Click here to continue reading

Choosing a perfect housewarming gift

19th July, 2013

Choosing a perfect housewarming gift

Know someone who recently moved to a new home and is throwing a housewarming party? Unless they have a housewarming gift registry, you might find it difficult to find a little present. Here are some great gift ideas:


It may seem weird to some if you bring food as a gift for a friend who just moved in to a new house,  but, what else could be more appropriate? People who have just moved into a new home undoubtedly have spent  the past weeks moving to and fro and arranging their stuff. Making things easy for them by picking a food gift will be a great welcome!

There are a variety of foods to choose from – an organic collection of veggies, bread, biscuits, spices or  olive oil. A gentle reminder though – don’t show up with them in a supermarket bag! You can get a nice decorative bag or a little basket to carry it in.


A long hard house move can be very tiring. No doubt they’d all want to sit down and have a nice drink! You can bring a good bottle of wine, or, if they are not big drinkers, you can give them a collection of their favorite coffees or teas. These kind of gifts are very personal and meaningful and will always be appreciated!

Gift basket

Create a gift basket full of the essentials they are going to need but have not thought of yet – some home tools will be great, and are very useful in any home.

Are they keen gardeners? Put together a gardening pack – include some handy gardening tools and flower or vegetable seeds. It’s a great way to help them start  their own gardening adventure in their new home.

Thankyou is for Kids too!

23rd June, 2013

Thankyou is for Kids too!

Birthdays. Christmas.

When you were a kid, what did you like most about these occasions? Maybe, aside from having your favorite treats, you get even more excited when one of those beautifully wrapped presents is handed to you.

Ah, it’s a lot of fun being a kid, isn’t it?

Birthdays and Christmas are just two of the occasions when gift giving (and receiving!) is fun and exciting. It gets even better when kids get what they’ve been wishing for! Who wouldn’t want to make a child’s little wish come true?

Guess what? We would love to help you with that.

Thankyou is the most versatile gift registry you will find online and it’s the ultimate wish list for your child’s birthday or for Christmas. It’s a great guide for their lovely grandparents who wish to give their favorite grandchild a gift that will be really appreciated.

Have family and close relatives overseas who keep asking what your child wants for a present? They can easily access your gift registry on Thankyou anytime, anywhere! Awesome, isn’t it?

Like you, we love to see children smiling from ear to ear the whole day because their wishes came true. We’d love to help you become their secret Santa or fairy godmother!

Check out what we offer and how quick and easy it is to create your kid’s party gift registry on Thankyou.

Now Trending: Graduation Gift Registries

28th May, 2012

Now Trending: Graduation Gift Registries

A recent article from USA Today reported that many secondary school students are now using online gift registries in order to help their family and friends shop for gifts that will suit their tastes. A number of online gift lists like Thankyou, provides this service. Click here to continue reading

The Growing Trend Of Housewarming Registries

23rd April, 2012

The Growing Trend Of Housewarming Registries

Most new homeowners may be surprised that there are actually gift registries that can cater to their plans for a housewarming party. Whether you are a married couple who recently moved to a new neighborhood or single and just bought a new home, housewarming registries can be a great help for your friends and family to chanel the right “little something” your way.

Housewarming registries are among the fastest-growing nontraditional celebrations that have recently seen a boom in our society. Just like wedding or baby shower registries, many people now think it makes perfect sense to buy something that the new homeowner needs, rather than guessing what gift to bring. Click here to continue reading

Your Engagement Party Checklist

2nd March, 2012

Your Engagement Party Checklist

Got engaged? Congratulations!

Now that you are on your way to the married life, your commitment to each other is something that calls for a celebration. Many couples today hold an engagement party which is either arranged by themselves or by their friends and family. In the past, traditions have deemed that the bride’s parents host the celebration and if they are not available, the duty falls to the groom’s parents. Nowadays, these rules do not really apply anymore. Today, a friend or relative can offer to host the engagement party, especially if the couple’s families live far away. Click here to continue reading

Lend A Hand and Spread the Joy of the Season Through Thankyou

9th December, 2011

Lend A Hand and Spread the Joy of the Season Through Thankyou

The holidays are around the corner! The fun Christmas spirit is starting to fill the air as many people go around shopping for gifts and attending one party after the other. There is great joy reflected in the smiles of everyone around. Almost everybody looks forward to celebrating Christmas every year and while we are all out partying the weeks away, there are some, perhaps our neighbors or other communities that could barely think of the festive season because of numerous struggles.

Helping others during this season is surely one of the best things that we can do in order to have a meaningful Christmas. A lot of people also have the urge to give to the less fortunate during the festive part of the year and the good news is, there are lots of ways to do this. You can provide goods or write a check to your favorite charity or even volunteer to help out in delivering a community’s necessities. Give food to the homeless people or simply go online find an institution where you can donate any of the stuff you do not use anymore. Books, clothes, shoes, toys – these things will go a long way for someone in need!

Another great way to give is through an online Lend A Hand registry on Thankyou. When we speak of gift registries, the first thing that comes to mind is that, they are used only by couples getting married. However, Thankyou is more than just a registry for all your life’s special events. Its Lend A Hand gift registry allows people to organize a list of items that are needed by groups or individuals and communities. Just like a wish list set for special occasions, any item can also be listed on the Lend A Hand registry – be it blankets, medicines, school equipment or just about anything important that the needy do not have. Those who wish to give cash donations are encouraged to directly contact the organization or community that created the list. Click here to continue reading