Renewing your Vows

26th June, 2013

Renewing your Vows

You have triumphantly made it through the stressing and planning for the big day (’twas over in a flash wasn’t it?), now, why would you want to go through that again? Some brides say that after planning their own wedding, they’ve had a new found respect for those who have decided to fly off to Las Vegas for a quick ceremony!

Some couples who have been married several years decide to renew their vows. There are actually several reasons why:

*They may have been through a big challenge in their marriage and feel that the ceremony will renew their commitment to one another.

*When they first got married, they did not have the resources to have their dream ceremonies and now they do.

*The vow renewal is a celebration of a significant anniversary

or, maybe they’ve just been married for a looooong time,  they’ve forgotten their vows! (just kiddin!)

Whatever the reasons are, here are Thankyou’s tips that will help you keep this occasion an elegant affair.

  • Your original wedding was about your love for one another (and the party, open bar, dancing etc); your vow renewal ceremonies should be intimate and focused on your commitment to your marriage. If, in your first wedding, you did not get to have a big party, then you can have an all out celebration for your vow renewal.

  • Your vow renewal need not be as extravagant, but of course, it’s still your call!

  • Guest are not required to give gifts, but of course,everyone will still ask for sure! You can create a small gift registry on Thankyou and consider listing your favourite charities.

  • When you receive gifts, thank your guests kindly and still send a thank you note.

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