Reasons To Purchase Thankyou Registry Upgrades

4th June, 2012

Reasons To Purchase Thankyou Registry Upgrades

There are quite a number of online gift registries around, and Thankyou stands out by being versatile, flexible and independent. Isn’t it cool to be able to create your ultimate wish list for all your special occasions?

Your Thankyou gift registry also has upgrades that you can purchase and add to your gift list. This enables all occasion organisers to give their registry a more personalised feel and provide more options to their guests who will be purchasing presents off their gift list. So why do you specifically need these? Here is a list of Thankyou’s upgrades and why you would find them useful to add to your registry:

Additional 10 SSE (Shop Somewhere Else)  items – $19.95
When you create a gift registry on Thankyou, you can list 5 free SSE items right away. SSE gifts are items that your Guest can source from any convenient store, they aren’t purchased online through Thankyou. Organisers who wish to add more can purchase an upgrade to add 10 SSE items. A lot of organisers who are planning a small gathering and  have just a few number of gifts in mind get this upgrade in combination with listing their unlimited number of contribution items.

Unlimited SSE items – $49.95 (Most popular!)
Do you have more than 20 gifts in mind for your gift registry? We have an unlimited SSE upgrade where you can list all SSE items you wish to include in your gift list. This is the most popular upgrade and is purchased by most organisers. When combined with unlimited contribution gifts, you can create your unlimited and ultimate wish list for weddings, baby showers, birthdays etc! With the unlimited SSE items upgrade, you can add gifts anytime you want, update your list and give more options to your guests who will be viewing your registry.

Customised Guest Link – $4.95
Your guests will have direct access to your gift registry with a personal URL, which can be included in your invitation inserts that thankyou provides. For example, your guests will only have to type in : in their browsers and not have to go through a search for your name or occasion on the website anymore! This upgrade will definitely make it a lot easier for them to find your gift registry.

Remove Guest Contribution Fees – $89 (Most popular!)
When guests log in and make a cash gift to your registry, they are charged a small thankyou service fee on top of their contribution. thankyou gives the organiser the option to remove the thankyou service fee paid by guests through purchasing this upgrade. Once this upgrade is purchased, it doesn’t matter how much is contributed to your registry, $2,000 or $20,000(!), the thankyou service fee on guest contributions is capped at $89!

Here at Thankyou, we like to keep things simple and make life a bit easier for you and your guests.  Take a look at these affordable upgrades and see which one suits your registry preferences and start adding gifts to your wish list right away!

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