Quick tips: Writing a negative review? Think again.

2nd September, 2013

Quick tips: Writing a negative review? Think again.

Did you have problems with your wedding vendor? Enraged and want to write a stinging review about their services on your blog or on wedding websites? Hey, calm down and think again.

While you are all-out frustrated by the actions of your vendor/s and are running high on rage, writing a review while on these emotions may cause a very damaging result… to you! Why?

Here’s the thing. There are many wedding vendors who may just simply reply to your review and let it go, but there are some who take a negative review seriously and view it as defamatory. Yes, there are countries/states that have specific laws, some of the statements you may be thinking of writing could be classified as defamatory and are, therefore, against the law. The result? You get sued by your vendor.

A potential lawsuit from a few hateful sentences posted on the internet may not be something you think will ever happen to you and if it does, it is certainly not a good start for your new life.

Sometimes, the things you choose to say online can hurt you, no matter how silly they may seem. So, before you post those crazy-mad reviews, here are some quick tips for you:

  • Think hard before writing and be sensible

  • Beware of your wording. Posting that you are displeased with the service is different from saying that they “stole” your car or dress and is a serious accusation.

  • If your vendor broke the contract, be ready with proof and seek legal assistance.

  • Other consumers will take you more seriously if you write a considered and factual review rather than a mad rant!

If a vendor if really serious about pursuing the lawsuit, they will do so. Some may give you an out, some may not even give you that chance.

Remember, if you wish to warn others about a vendor, do it with class, style and grace.

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