Quick Tips: Planning an event without the stress

29th October, 2013

Quick Tips: Planning an event without the stress

Are you planning to throw a birthday party, baby shower, an anniversary celebration or a reunion?  Get rid of the stress and follow these tips:

Don’t play martyr for the event.

You don’t have to do everything. Ask for help if you need to. You’ll tire yourself out and eventually drive yourself nuts when you find out that the napkins aren’t the right shade of blue! What we’re saying is, try to delegate some tasks to trusted people.  It wouldn’t hurt to get help.  It’s a major buzz kill when you begin to dislike your own event because you’ve spent all your energy on curling ribbons till 5AM.

Focus on creating a great atmosphere and making guests happy.

Don’t stress too much on the details.  Some of them may not be perfect, but hey, if you focus on giving your guests a good time, there’s more to it than those minute details that you are fussing about.

Showcase your guests’ talents

You may love the bragging rights for pulling off a fantastic event, but you know what? The best way to keep conversations flowing  is when you get  your willing guests involved in the preparations. Have guests who love to cook awesome dishes that can make people forget their names? Do you have a friend who can bake anything from scratch? Wow your other guests with these folks’ talents and you will not only save money – you have instant conversation starters!

How did you pull off an event without getting stressed? Share your tips with us in Comments.

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