Quick Tips: Honeymoon registries

22nd September, 2013

Quick Tips: Honeymoon registries

There are a bunch of honeymoon registries out there, all offering something great. Here are some tips from the Thankyou Registry experts:

Choose an independent honeymoon registry.

Much like the other occasions you’ve registered for, an independent gift registry is a great choice. That’s why Thankyou lets you make the choices on what to include in your registry. If you have a honeymoon registry at Thankyou, you are not limited to what a travel agency or a resort has to offer. You can list anything! Adventures, tours, RnR treatments, dinners or even your accommodations and tickets. The best thing about this? You can list them all for free.

Know the fees.

Yep! It’s one of the most important things. Read the fine print, folks. Some registries aren’t actually free, but we at Thankyou know how valuable it is for you to know what you will be getting into upfront! So, we laid it all out in our FAQs and make sure it’s all crystal clear. Check it out.

List some extras.

Many couples may have already booked their flights and accommodations for their honeymoon before creating their registry, and if you’ve already done so, you can also list the perks you may not have planned spending on, maybe a sunset cruise or a romantic dinner at a fancy restaurant for your guests to contribute to. They will love giving  you the gift of such experience, and we are certain you’re gonna love it too!

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