Quick tips: Destination wedding reminders

3rd October, 2013

Quick tips: Destination wedding reminders

It’s the wedding season in the Southern Hemisphere and brides across the country are busy mailing their wedding invitations, picking out floral designs and subjecting their bridesmaids to dress fittings.

However, if you’ve chosen to get married out of the country, there’s something else to consider: the potential legal issues. Perhaps a little reminder from us is in order, so here you go:

  • If you’ve chosen to get married at a different state or country, make sure to comply with the requirements for marriage and submit all the necessary documents needed. Prepare copies of your birth certificate and be ready for medical tests (some countries require this).

  • Let your guests know in advance, since some of them may need to secure or renew their passports and  this might take some time.  Inform them if they also need to get a visa.

  • Make sure you are fully up to date about the laws of the country you are getting married in.

  • Check whether your marriage in that country will be valid in your own country.

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