Preventing Theft At Your Wedding

14th June, 2016

Preventing Theft At Your Wedding

It may seem that nothing will ever dampen a special moment like your big day. However, from the reports we’ve read from different parts of the world, wedding gifts theft isn’t such a streatch, especially if you are too busy to notice a wedding crasher. (Did you hear about the wedding gifts thief in Germany? There was another one in Florida USA too).

These unfortunate incident can be prevented. We here at Thankyou have some quick, practical tips:

  • If you are having a big reception (say you have 200 or more guests for example), and your venue is in a high-traffic area, you may want to consider hiring additional security in order to avoid theft and be on hand to help with that drunken uncle or best mate!

  • Once you spot somebody who you know for sure is a wedding crasher, never ever ignore them! You may ask your wedding coordinator or an attendant to ask the person to leave.
  • Use an online wedding gift registry like Thankyou.  At Thankyou, your guests have the option to shop for your presents at a store they prefer. Ask them politely to have your gifts delivered or sent directly to your home, or you can also list online contribution gifts instead so that the cash gifts from your guests are kept safely in your account.
  • If you have a gift table at the reception, make sure to have it far from the exit. This will make it difficult for anyone to steal the gifts. You can also ask someone trustworthy to act as the gift attendant and have the presents stored in a secure room instead of having them displayed in the open.

If it happens at your wedding…

Report the incident to the authorities asap. Coordinate with your reception venue services to check if they have security cameras that may have recorded the theft on tape.

Explaining the situation to your guests…

You won’t be able to write thank you notes for the gifts you were not able get hold of, so if you have your guests email addresses, you may tell them what happened and ask them to tell the other guests whose email addresses you do not have. Don’t forget to send handwritten thank you notes to all the people who came to your wedding. This way you still get to thank everybody in case it was their gift that was stolen.

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