Pregnancy and baby shower superstitions

29th September, 2013

Pregnancy and baby shower superstitions

If you think weddings are surrounded with a lot of superstitions, then you must know that pregnancy and baby showers are full of them too!  Stop reading now if you are remotely superstitious – some of these aren’t very nice!

  1. Chicana culture believes that a pregnant woman, during a full moon, should wear a set of keys around her neck because lunar light can eat the baby’s lip and leave the little one with a cleft palate. The keys will help deflect the moon’s rays.

  2. In Hawaii and Polynesia, if you are having a Hawaiian-themed baby shower and you have leis as party favors, skip it. They believe it will harm the unborn baby. Mums-to-be will need to untie her lei because a complete loop will cause the baby to be strangled by the umbilical cord.

  3. Hindus believe that should hold your baby shower either in the 7th or 9th month of pregnancy. The numbers 7 and 9 are lucky, while the number 8 isn’t.

  4. According to Modern Orthodox Jews, mums-to-be should avoid going to funerals and burials. European and Mediterranean Jews also believe that it is dangerous for a pregnant woman to be in very close proximity to death and that some recently departed souls may linger at the cemeteries.

  5. Hmong culture cautions pregnant women against large bodies of water. They believe there is an jealous, evil spirit that guards the water and if a pregnant woman gets close to it, the spirit will punish her by taking her baby.

  6. Jewish folks believe that they should not shop for baby gear right until the little one is born. If they do, they leave it in a box or at the store until the baby is home. Their beliefs also forbid one from uttering the baby’s name aloud because it will draw the ‘evil eye’ and mark the child for disaster.

  7. A pregnant woman should heed her cravings. If she doesn’t, her child will be born with a birthmark in the shape of the food she had denied herself.

Did you believe in any superstitions when you were pregnant? Tell us about them in Comments below.

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