Hard to hear: The jealous friends

5th August, 2013

Hard to hear: The jealous friends

Your friends are thrilled with the news of your engagement and wedding plans. They bombard you with congratulations and are showering you with vintage champagne. Riiight???

Unfortunately, some of them can get really bizarre when you get engaged. You’ll have to face the fact that not everyone is happy about your new relationship status – some wont even keep the feeling to themselves at all. Getting married somehow changes  relationships you’ve created when you were single and if you find your friend’s  behavior hurtful or just bizarre, here are the possible reasons why: Click here to continue reading

Groomzilla Alert!

2nd August, 2013

Groomzilla Alert!

So the bridezilla has finally found her match. Yep, it happens to men too, now that most grooms are actively involved in all aspects of the wedding planning!

How to spot one? Here are the signs. (alright, some of these are just for fun, but some are for real!) Click here to continue reading

Your wedding emergency kit

25th July, 2013

Your wedding emergency kit

Of course you wish that everything will go right on your big day. In between the enormous preparations for your wedding, it is very easy to forget the one thing that could possibly come to your rescue in case a little something happens… the emergency kit! So what do you throw in that little bridal emergency bag? Here are some essentials:

First aid medicines:


Eye drops

Band aids


For spills and mishaps:

superglue (in case those high heels broke!)

Chalk (for covering stains)

Spot remover

safety pins

hem tape

extra panty hose

mini sewing kit

clear nail polish (a great solution for stocking runs!)

Small scissors (folding type are the best choice)


Granola bar

breath spray/mints

bottled water

Straw (drink without messing your lipstick!)






earring backs

hair pins


dental floss/toothpicks

All emergency kits come differently. Figure out the things you exactly need on your big day by brainstorming with one or two of your bridesmaids who will be tasked to take care of the kit for you.

Did you pack an emergency kit on your big day? How did it help? Tell us about it in Comments.

Warning: Bridezilla on the loose

20th July, 2013

Warning: Bridezilla on the loose

Planning a wedding can become stressful – yep, we get that picture. As a bride you’d want everything to go as you please and you like to call the shots in… everything!

Wait, did you say your best friend just gave up her post as maid of honor? Your flower girl is always tearing up from the stress of scattering lovely petals at your feet? Oh no, you may have just taken a turn to the Bridezilla territory.

Of course, you are in denial about this. Here are the signs that you’ve turned into one:

You are angry.

Before you started all this planning, you were friends with everyone. Now, all of a sudden, they’ve all turned into insensitive beings the moment you got engaged. Here’s the bad news, girl. It’s not them. It’s you. If your lovely talks with mum have turned into arguments with a lot of shouting, or you’ve suddenly turned pro when it comes to cussing at your wedding planner, chances are,  you’ve transformed into a bridezilla (or maybe you’ve started treading that path). Click here to continue reading

Hard to hear: Plus One or Plus None

12th July, 2013

Hard to hear: Plus One or Plus None

Faced with the dilemma of single friends bringing a “plus one” to your big day? How do you tell them it’s a “plus none”? Here are Thankyou‘s tips:

Should single guests bring a date to your wedding? Click here to continue reading

Keeping it real: The “Dadchelor” party

10th July, 2013

Keeping it real: The “Dadchelor” party

You’ve had your own ladies only baby shower. Does your partner want a “man shower” too? Don’t be surprised! Other guys are into it, too. This trend has been dubbed as the ‘dadchelor’ party.

It is dad-to-be’s last hurrah, and yes, the guys are doing it! Your man’s life will change as much as yours, so it’s not simply an excuse for a little guy time but a celebration in anticipation of your new baby. The new trend is patterned after the “babymoons” where couples take a mini vacation to relax or just have a romantic trip with only the two of them before their lives are taken over by nappies and sleepless nights. So perhaps your guy wants just one more night to celebrate with his friends and have a little bit of attention. Come on, let’s face it – with your bump and baby shower, you’ve been getting most of the attention lately, right? Click here to continue reading

Working with your chosen wedding vendors

29th June, 2013

Working with your chosen wedding vendors

Finding a great wedding vendor is key to achieving your dream wedding. It is very important that in addition to admiring their work portfolio, you also like them personally. Moreover, you will need to have a team that you can trust to pull off your wedding successfully. The Thankyou team gathered some great advice that will help you in this regard.

Where to start

Begin by asking recently married friends or family if there is someone there that they can recommend. Personal endorsements are always preferable. Your family and friends can also tell you which suppliers you need to avoid.

Click here to continue reading

Working with your Wedding Planner

22nd June, 2013

Working with your Wedding Planner

Have you decided to get the help of a wedding planner for your big day? It pays to work with them together to form an invincible team that will let you have that dream wedding you’ve always wanted.

Here are Thankyou‘s quick tips in working with your wedding expert:

Be a team player.

Okay, it’s your big day, however, keep in mind that you can’t get there alone. Your wedding planner is your advocate – your voice when you are not available to coordinate with a vendor. Teaming up with your wedding planner is all about balance – determine the areas which you’d like to be more ‘hands on’ and the things where she could run the show. Sit down and go over your task list and let her know where you’d like to keep involved and where you could use her help. Make it clear to your wedding planner about your level of involvement so she can adapt accordingly.

Click here to continue reading

Branding your wedding

6th June, 2013

Branding your wedding

When we hear the word ‘brand’ or someone asks us to name a ‘brand’, the first thing that usually comes to mind is a company or a logo (like Thankyou). However, it is so much more than that.

Apart from the elements of wedding design, branding also includes things like values, personality and feeling. What makes a branded wedding cohesive is also the mixture of design, color schemes, textures and sounds.

Don’t be confused though –a brand is different from a theme. You can choose a specific theme that may not represent any of your personalities while a brand can do both. Yes, a themed wedding can be branded too! Click here to continue reading

How to balance your Wedding planning and work hours

27th May, 2013

How to balance your Wedding planning and work hours

Everyone else who has gotten married will tell you that planning the big day can eat up most of your time, especially if you are very attentive to small details. It would seem like wedding planning becomes a full time job at some point, but chances are, you are also employed full time – you know, that job you have before you said yes to marriage.

Now even if you have the help of a professional wedding planner, you cannot simply leave all the stuff to her. There will always be some aspects and things about the wedding that you need to decide yourself.

Sounds tough, eh? Actually, a little multi-tasking and good scheduling might just do the trick. Thankyou has some tips on how to find time to do all the planning without ending up in trouble at work.

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