Wedding day problems and how to avoid them

30th September, 2013

Wedding day problems and how to avoid them

It’s definitely exasperating if after all the planning, something goes wrong at the wedding. Let’s take a look at these hurdles and how you can avoid them on your own big day.

Dress fitting

Work out and eat properly to keep fit. Make sure you and your wedding party try the suits and dresses the day before the wedding so that final alterations can still be made.


Organise a supervised room for the kids if you are worried about distractions. Hand the children some goody bags containing things that will keep them amused during the reception.

Road and traffic delay

Ask your wedding coordinator or assign someone to check on your route on the day so you are aware of  any road works or detours that you need to consider. Click here to continue reading

5 Hot baby shower trends

28th September, 2013

5 Hot baby shower trends

Put a new spin on you baby shower by personalizing your event! Of course, the  traditions remain – baby themed games, tons of gifts, and party food! Here are five of the hot trends recently:

Green showers

Some mums-to-be are now practical! They are carefully considering their guests’ budget and of course, if there are mums invited to the shower, they request used items for presents – toys, clothes and beddings all make perfect gifts.

Gender reveal showers

Ask your sonographer to write your baby’s gender on a piece of paper and place it inside a sealed envelope and pass it on to your party host, who will then arrange the cake. Imagine that heart-stopping excitement that you and everyone will feel when the first slice is revealed! Click here to continue reading

Quick tips: Hiring a wedding planner

27th September, 2013

Quick tips: Hiring a wedding planner

To lessen the stress in planning your big day, why not consider hiring a wedding planner? Here are some tips for you to get started on this task:

  • Get recommendations from friends who were recent brides or from trusted wedding vendors who have worked with a professional wedding planner before.

  • Meet with several wedding planners to get a sense of what sort of magic they can work into your wedding.

  • Find out how much the wedding planner’s fees are and what services you will need to pay for. There are planners who charge an hourly rate while others have a flat fee. Some even make their fee from the vendors they suggest and you aren’t out of pocket at all!

  • Draw up a detailed contract specifying his or her responsibilities in order to avoid last minute hitches.

  • Be sure to check out your prospective wedding planner’s portfolio and experiences before deciding to hire them for your wedding.

Some more wedding planning mistakes! (and how to avoid them)

21st September, 2013

Some more wedding planning mistakes! (and how to avoid them)

Here are some more pointers for young couples planning out there. Never:

  • Overspend and not stick to the wedding budget.You’ll go into debt, yes. Consider the things that are important to you and learn to compromise on other stuff about your big day.

  • Hire your friend or another family member as photographer or videographer. After your wedding, you’ll only have the memories, which is why you will need quality photos and videos. Remember, your friends and family should be your guests and not your ‘wedding vendors’, and if you are not happy with the results, it’s your loss. Plus, it can also strain your relationship with them.

  • Plan an outdoor ceremony without a back-up plan. Need we say more?

  • Become a bridezilla/groomzilla. Yes, you are the star of the wedding, but don’t treat your wedding party poorly during the planning process.

  • Pack for the honeymoon right after the wedding. If you plan to leave for your holiday the day after the wedding, pack early. Don’t rush around because you will definitely forget something.

Solutions to your wedding planning woes

20th September, 2013

Solutions to your wedding planning woes

Ah, yes, something else happens after you get engaged – you plan a wedding of course. Between your positive energy and happiness , some unexpected things may arise. Here are some of the major stumbling points that future brides and grooms encounter in the planning process:

Selecting people for the wedding party

Chances are, there will be choices about the wedding party that you will not agree with. However, before you get on his or her choices, you will need to realize that there is a reason why your significant other picked this person. Now if you really doubt his or her judgment, approach the situation in the calmest way possible. Click here to continue reading

Pointers for successful wedding planning

19th September, 2013

Pointers for successful wedding planning

Wedding planning is laborious and how you plan this big day in your life can predict your future married life. Here are some important planning pointers to make sure you end up living ‘happily ever after’.

Plan the wedding together.

Don’t fall into this very sticky trap. Brides sometimes spend more time planning the big day with their mums and leave their future spouse on the sidelines. DON’T. DO. THIS.  It will erode the foundation of your marriage. Set the marital stage and bond with your future spouse. You may not agree on everything about the wedding, but make sure you present a united front to everyone. Click here to continue reading

Wedding budget saver: The venue

15th September, 2013

Wedding budget saver: The venue

Want more tips on how to save on your wedding budget? Here you go:

  • Create a chart to compare and track the prices and what is offered for the venues that you are considering. One of them might be offering a package that includes everything, much of which you dont need, while the others may add on service by service.

  • Choose an unusual wedding venue. Galleries and historical sites are great choices and the site fees aren’t very high. You’ll also get to save on décor because your venue already has enough ambiance. However, you might have to figure in what you’ll need to shell out for rentals. Click here to continue reading

3 Wedding elements you should always double check

12th September, 2013

3 Wedding elements you should always double check

Many engaged couples today hire the services of a wedding planner to save them the stress of planning the details of their big day. If you are likely to hire one yourself for your wedding, you will still need to keep an eye on several things to make sure that the planning is going the way you want it to.

Here are some of the things that you need to double check before approving:


Catering does not only include the kind and quality of food that will be served at your wedding. You will need to check how much food to get and how it will be kept warm. Speak to your catering vendor about these details and ensure leftovers will be disposed of properly.


There are many wedding planners who can give you a wide variety of options when it comes to color schemes, patterns, flowers and designs to choose from. Ideally, you should never let them decide on this matter. Discuss all the details and issues about what you need in terms of design or theme and leave let them do the implementation.


Getting this element wrong can become catastrophic and may lead to a delay or dampen the mood  of the event. Keep an eye on transportation arrangement that your wedding planner makes.

Quick tips: Wedding insurance

10th September, 2013

Quick tips: Wedding insurance

Insurance perhaps isn’t the first one that comes to mind when planning your big day, but things can go wrong, so it only makes sense to get some protection.  Why? Here are some of the top reasons:

  1. Damage to wedding clothing including your dress and jewelry

  2. Cancellation of the wedding

  3. Venue problems

  4. Vendor problems

  5. Loss  or damage to wedding  photographs Click here to continue reading

Expert Advice: Wedding budget savers

9th September, 2013

Expert Advice: Wedding budget savers

No  couple wants to start their married life in debt, so we’d like to give you the experts’ advice on how to save and stay on your big day’s budget.

Have a smaller guest list.

If you cut your guest list short, you also save on other things – flowers, tables, favors, square footage etc. You will have a better event when you have fewer guests and wont feel pulled from pillar to post and you try to get around the room to speak to everyone.

Click here to continue reading