5 Simple Steps to Planning a Birthday Gift Registry

29th June, 2011

5 Simple Steps to Planning a Birthday Gift Registry

Most people consider their birthday the highlight of the year. It is a day where they can expect lots of attention, many exciting phone calls, a horde of presents, and maybe even a surprise party. In other words, it should be a special day, one they should be able to remember for at least an entire year, until the next birthday comes along.

Although birthdays are remembered yearly, every so often, a special one comes along. Age one, sweet sixteen, adulthood at 18 or 21, the big ‘oh’s at 30, 40, 50, etc. are birthdays generally celebrated in style, with huge parties, tons of delicious food, and plenty of guests, who are expected to bring some kind of gift as is often customary in on these special occasions.

Troublesome gifting situations can be avoided, and if you are planning a birthday party, consider setting up an online gift registry. It is a simple process that will make gifting a lot easier for your guests, and help you obtain gifts you know you will appreciate.

Here are 5 easy steps to help you plan your birthday gift registry:

1.    Consider your preferences

When composing your list of items you would like for your birthday, think about which ones have priority. For instance, if you want a new mobile phone, specify which features you like, i.e. camera, internet access, GPS, etc.

2.     Reflect on your Lifestyle

The items you are considering should reflect your lifestyle. Do not put something on your registry simply because your best friends have it. That AC/DC T-Shirt may look good on them, but may clash with your personal style. If it doesn’t match the rest of your clothes, it will only end up in the back of a drawer. This consideration is not only important for clothing, but should also be taken into account for other gifts, such as household items and decoration pieces like statues, paintings, pillows, or flower pots. If they do not fit your home decor, remove them from your list.

3.    Consider your Guests

When you are celebrating these big occasions and putting together a gift registry, remember that not all guests are in the same position financially. You are bound to have a real range of ages, from younger guest right through to older friends and friends of parents etc. This range in age is also indicative of a big range of lifestyles and stages in life, career and income. When putting together your gift registry, be sure to consider this and choose a range of gifts that allows guests to contribute what they feel comfortable with and can afford. This is where an idea like online cash contributions can really be handy as guests can still give you something without feeling the need to overspend.

4.    Give your Guests Choices and Monitor your Registry

In line with the point above, always choose extra items so that your guests have lots to choose from in range and price. If you have 50 guests attending, don’t just choose 50 items. This means that for those who are later in choosing gifts may only be left with options they themselves do not like or cannot afford. There is absolutely nothing wrong with listing a wooden cutting board or an affordable indoor herb garden, next to a Caribbean cruise, or an oak dining room set.

Remember that your guests are not obligated to buy from your list; the items you are offering are merely suggestions. Whilst many guests would have great taste in buying you something off the gift registry, you may simply need certain things more than others.

If all the less expensive items have been bought up and removed from your registry, your guest is likely to do their own shopping and you may not like or need what you then receive. Therefore, check your registry often. Always add new items to keep all price categories full, and the choices plentiful.

5.    Mix Practical Choices with What You Want

There are a handful of times in your life when a gift registry can be really helpful in acquiring items you really need, not just the items you really want. Think carefully before compiling your list so that your friends and family’s generosity goes towards items that will really be of use in your life. A blender may not excite you as much as a new pair of jeans however, in the long run, it is a very handy kitchen appliance that you will probably use long after your jeans are out of fashion! Guest will enjoy getting you things that they know will be used and appreciated in your home.

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