Picking a Gift for your Bridesmaids

26th July, 2013

Picking a Gift for your Bridesmaids

Yep, it might be easier to just get the same gifts for all of them, but if you have the time and wish to make it more personal for each of your lovelies, we have some tips for you!

It is important to understand why you need to give them gifts. It’s a great way to thank them for being part of your wedding. Your bridesmaids usually give time, money and attention to make everything perfect for you, so give them gifts that are sincere and thoughtful and they’ll surely appreciate it.

Here are our tips:

Hand-select a present for each of them.

Each woman has her own style. You can get a gift that suit a bridesmaid’s interests and style. If she’s into books, you can get her a custom bookmark or a handmade e-reader cover. If she likes traveling, a lovely custom passport case or personalised luggage tag will be perfect. Coffee lover? A gift card to her favorite coffee shop, a set of her favorite coffees or a monogrammed mug are great choices.

Best time to give your gift?

It depends. If you are giving a gift for getting ready, like a robe, or if your gift can be worn or carried at the ceremony (a handbag or jewelry), give your gifts on the morning of the wedding. If it’s a hobby related gift or a present for her home, give it to her at the rehearsal dinner so she won’t have to carry it around at the wedding.

Include a hand-written note with your gift.

Say thank you to your bridesmaid for celebrating with you and tell her how much you value your friendship. Be sincere! She will surely love your gift and your sincerity too!

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