Online Cash Contributions are still in!

13th June, 2013

Online Cash Contributions are still in!

One of those many ‘money request’ poems we found online is this:

“Love the joy of choosing gifts?
Wrap the chosen captive?
If thoughts elude in this regard
… money is attractive! “

Indeed. Come on, who would not love to receive cash? In fact, the latest surveys from the past two years prove that cash is still king in terms of wedding gifts and is also something that guests prefer to give.

Thankyou knows how hard it is for some couples to tell everyone that they need cash instead of traditional wedding presents. No one wants to come across as rude, greedy or tacky, which is why we are always ready help you out with asking tastefully.

Online cash contributions are the most popular gifts listed (and received!!) on Thankyou.  It is quick, easy and very convenient. Guests don’t have to leave the house, shop for a present and wait for it to be delivered to the newlyweds. Brides and Grooms on the other hand, don’t have to worry about gifts being misplaced, stolen or lost or  be concerned about carrying large amounts of cash gifts during their big day. This only means that there is only one thing left to do for everyone – enjoy the celebrations!

All the funds contributed by guests are safely stored in the gift registry. Once the money is cleared, you can redeem it anytime you wish, even before the occasion! There is no fee to redeem the funds and it goes straight to your preferred bank account.

Quick. Easy. Nice. Tasteful.

Only at Thankyou Gift Registry. Nothing can beat that!

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