On First Birthday Gift Registries

16th July, 2012

On First Birthday Gift Registries

Birthdays, especially a child’s first, don’t seem to be complete without gifts.  As a child, you probably couldn’t wait to see what special present was inside those colorful and beautifully wrapped boxes on your birthday. Truth is, every child loves to receive a present, and giving something that interests him or her will make the birthday even more fun.

In the recent years, parents who plan their children’s first birthday parties have also considered creating a gift registry. Based on many of their shared experiences, gift registries like Thankyou, have helped a lot in making a child’s birthday even more special. Why? Here are the top reasons:

  • A birthday gift registry serves as a suggested list of presents for the child. This gives the guests an idea of what things your child really likes and will save your guests a lot of time looking around or shopping for gifts. With a Thankyou birthday gift registry, guests can view the list anytime, remove an item that they’d like to purchase and buy it from a store of their choice.
  • It avoids duplicate or multiple gifts of the same kind. While some children will be happy to receive two or three red trucks, five sets of Lego or tons of Barbie dolls instantly, they would usually just play with one, hence, the others just pile up and gather dust in a closet.  Many guests also want to give a unique gift, and to get their money’s worth, a suggested list of gifts will be a great help for them to get a present that your child will love.
  • A gift registry will help guests in purchasing presents that are appropriate to your child’s age. For guests who have no idea what to give, a lot of them worry that they may buy things that might not be suited to a one year old, so having a list that includes age-appropriate gifts will serve as their guide in their purchase.
  • With a Thankyou birthday registry, you can list items with different prices, thus, making gift giving more convenient and suited to your guests’ budget. Usually, the price of gifts listed on a child’s birthday registry is a lot lower compared to those on a wedding or baby shower registry. Every one of your guests will love to buy something wonderful and affordable for your child!

Today, it has become normal to invite guests to a party and to invite them with specific gift ideas as well. With all the convenience that gift registries like thankyou provide, a first birthday celebration will become more special and memorable with all the lovely presents your child will surely enjoy.

Ask our gift registry specialists if you need assistance in creating a birthday gift registry. Just shoot us an email at info@thankyouregistry.com or get more information on gift registries by visiting thankyouregistry.com.


  1. katie says:

    I like this idea. My boy is turning 1 in two months and I will be setting up a gift registry here!

  2. Jugee says:

    Thanks Katie, and a happy birthday to your boy! :)

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