Now Trending: Graduation Gift Registries

28th May, 2012

Now Trending: Graduation Gift Registries

A recent article from USA Today reported that many secondary school students are now using online gift registries in order to help their family and friends shop for gifts that will suit their tastes. A number of online gift lists like Thankyou, provides this service.

So what do high school students list on their gift registries? Most of them request cash gifts or dorm room essentials they can use when they get to college. The cash funds are  popular gift choices since students are moving or going to college in another city and cant take everything with them. The funds allow them to buy the things they need once they arrive.

Like many other types of gift registries, this growing trend is something that traditionalists do not approve of. Institutions of etiquette suggest that these registries should only be reserved for weddings, where giving presents is a common practice. The use of gift registries has been hotly debated over the years and now much of society accepts that they are acceptable for almost any occasion.

The practicality and convenience of a gift registry for graduation gifts is recognised by families and friends who want to make sure they give something that the graduate needs and will be able to use in the future. After all, a student’s graduation is also an occasion and milestone in life that deserves a celebration.

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