Now Trending: Destination Weddings

19th November, 2012

Now Trending: Destination Weddings

Destination weddings have become a popular trend in the past few years and many couples today  are opting to tie the knot in some exotic locale rather than having the traditional, large and fancy church ceremonies. The long-distance route to getting married has indeed become a more attractive choice, and this is because destination weddings are perfect if you wish to have a smaller, more private and more intimate ceremony where only close friends and family can attend. It also spares you from planning that huge reception.

Whatever the reason is for deciding to get married, remarried or to renew your vows abroad, there are a lot of things to keep in mind when planning for a destination wedding. Here are some tips from our Thankyou experts:

Choose your wedding site or venue carefully.

Depending on your style and budget, there is a destination that will suit you and your partner’s personality. Are you a nature lover? You may be dreaming to get married atop a picturesque scenery or mountaintop. Beach bums? You may wish to get married in a tropical, chill out locale with an all laid-back ambiance. Have a bigger budget? Maybe you’d like a wedding in Europe or some unique ceremony at the Grand Canyon.

Whatever you choose, gather more information and details about your potential venue and ceremony sites. Set a date and prepare and determine your tentative number of guests before paying for your wedding or reception venue. You might think that only a dozen folks will make it, only to find out that there are more family and friends on both sides who would love to come too.

Plan ahead.

There is always great benefit in planning in advance. Imagine these – you’ll get the best ocean-view hotel rooms, avail of huge discounts for multiple bookings and prevent hassles in traveling. Yes, the travel part does require tremendous and detailed planning not just on your end, but on your guests  as well. Vacation days, passports and airfare are big considerations and have to be settled in advance. Pertinent information on airport transfers, hotel accommodations and the like should be made available to your guests way ahead of the wedding date as well.

Carefully research and compare wedding vendors and only use reputable ones.

Remember the risks of putting in your hard earned wedding budget on services that have not been rendered yet. Although there isn’t much choice when it comes to this because suppliers and vendors require down payment, you will need to do your homework carefully in order to avoid mishaps and scams. If it is feasible, you and your partner should visit the site, meet your vendors and discuss all details in person. If you have a wedding coordinator, have him or her provide you with a list of reputable vendors that you can select from.

Never forget to check for weather information.

Want a romantic, sunset ceremony in the sandy shores of the Caribbean? Don’t let the weather spoil that moment! Find out what the weather would be like on your wedding day. Your wedding coordinator, or your travel agent will be knowledgeable about this matter, so do not forget to consult with them. It is advisable to do this way before booking anything and while weather patterns and predictions can be erratic sometimes, it may be wise to also get some travel insurance or postpone the trip and ceremonies in cases of weather disturbances.

Find out more about marriage laws in your choice of destination.

If you find that laws at home are so tough to decipher, just wait until you encounter a whole new set of legal requirements and rules in a completely unfamiliar language! Different countries have different requisites before getting married – there are rules on selecting witnesses, policies on application for marriage license, residency requirements and the like, so make sure that before making that trip, you are properly informed and have all necessary documentation.

Want to save more? Plan your honeymoon there, too!

One of the best things about destination weddings is that they are set in the most romantic places where  it’s perfect to plan a honeymoon. You may wish to stay there for your post-wedding ceremonies and save even more! A honeymoon holiday usually eats up around 14% of the wedding budget, but if you elect to  have your destination wedding celebrations and your getaway in one, you can save a significant amount of money and set it aside for future plans!

If your friends and family are also longing for some much needed vacation, your wedding can also become a huge cash-saver. If you wish to keep the celebrations going even after the big day is over, why not turn it into a week-long reunion party too? After all, they’ve put in time, money and effort to fly to your wedding and they might want to stay a few more days to enjoy the scenery.

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