No More Guessing – Baby Shower Registries Are Here For You!

27th June, 2011

No More Guessing – Baby Shower Registries Are Here For You!

Hosting a baby shower is more than organising a party; it is a celebration to welcome new life into this world. Baby showers are fun. People gather to enjoy snacks and drinks, share baby stories, pamper the expectant mother, and shower her with great gifts.

As much as you may enjoy hosting small family get-togethers, the arrival of a new baby in your life can make such a task seem like too much. For those who do not want the stress of organising a shower, online baby gift registries are a perfect idea as they allow your friends and family to get you exactly what you want and need for the new addition to your family. But of course, there are many who still love to celebrate in person, so baby showers are definitely still enjoyed by mothers-to-be and their friends and family.

After sending out your baby shower party invitations, you may find that many guests will bombard you with questions, particularly in regards to the presents they should bring. In particular, distant relatives and co-workers of the mother may not know the expectant mother’s taste, lifestyle, or what she could use for the baby. Some couples go crazy when they first find out about the pregnancy and buy everything they need right away. Others already have children and can reuse furniture, clothing, toys and many other items. That raises a problem, as what can anyone else buy them to join in the excitement?

To avoid duplication, outfits that will never be worn, or an overflow of toys, you can set up an online baby shower gift registry, and ask the parents-to-be to list items they can use, or like. With a baby on the way, there is always something missing, be it jumpers, tees, nappies, a second high chair, or a twin pram.

Online baby shower gift registries remove the angst and guesswork that some guest may experience because, with the click of a mouse, party guests will know instantly what the parents have on their wish list. This makes it so much easier for them to buy cabinet safety locks, Baby Einstein CD’s, a stairway safety gate, blankets or a baby monitor. They will not just purchase any gift, but one they know will definitely be appreciated.

The benefits of setting up an online baby gift registry are amazing. Not only can parents list items from any website and online vendor in the world, but they can also sign up to accept funds. Some guests may feel more comfortable with donating money rather than buying another pair of pants or a coat. They know that raising a child is expensive and that bigger expenses will be waiting a few years down the road. Therefore, if they wanted to, they could even open a savings account for the child, or an education fund.

When you decide to create a gift registry, also ask the expectant mother to include a few things she would enjoy, as many close friends and family members may want to put her in the spotlight as well. Ultimately, she is the one carrying the baby for nine months, and still has a delivery ahead of her. Taking her needs into account, and giving her fragrant lotions, imported pralines, herbal teas, soothing music CDs, or a foot massager, will certainly make the rest of her pregnancy a little bit more comfortable and enjoyable.


  1. Rilla says:

    LOVE THIS IDEA!!! Will be passing this info on to my pregnant friends as I never have any idea what to get them!

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