Need a different kind of wedding registry?

13th November, 2013

Need a different kind of wedding registry?

Every couple has their own personal style and when it comes to wedding registries, one of the best practices is to create one that reflects your taste and your future wishes and plans. Wedding registries like Thankyou allow you to list the stuff that show your personalities – yes, it’s your gift registry, your way!

Now if both of you prefer to receive something non-traditional because you already have the basic stuff in your home, you can create a different kind of gift registry on Thankyou. You can set up a honeymoon registry, a charity registry or pick some of your dream big ticket items for your guests to chip in to. List game tickets, gift certificates to your favorite shops or spa treatments or create an online wishing well where your guests can give their cash gifts.

The possibilities are endless with a Thankyou wedding registry.

It’s your big day – so, we let you have it your way.

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