Keeping it real: The in-law issues

26th September, 2013

Keeping it real: The in-law issues

Many things can come up while you are joyfully planning your wedding. Dealing with in-laws is one of them. Whatever the issue you run into, here are some tips on how to handle them:


Yes, you know how you’d like your wedding to be, unfortunately, your future mum-in-law knows exactly how she wants it as well. Compromising can help salvage a relationship. You can both talk it out and agree on certain things about the wedding. Come on, whether you like it or not, you will also become part of their family. If there’s something about your wedding that you can let her take charge of, let her do it and you’re sure to avoid conflict.

Don’t escape the issue by eloping.

It may sound fine for some people and usually happens instead of planning a wedding. However once you’ve  planned, you probably have paid various deposits to your wedding vendors and services. You’d lose the money and you’d be losing out on the wedding of your dreams. Don’t run off and elope to escape the problem. It wouldn’t do any good and you’d be creating a whole new set of issues with your in-laws if you do this.


There are many arguments that arise from simple misunderstandings and out of hurt feelings. Talk things out with your in-laws and get to the heart of what’s goin’ on. In many cases, some things may just have been said the wrong way unintentionally and that the conflict was really about nothing and could have been avoided. Sit down and talk about the issue rationally. Be open minded and listen to the other person’s point of view.

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