Keeping it real: Cash gifts

29th November, 2013

Keeping it real: Cash gifts

Many people still think that couples who wish to receive cash as wedding gift may have missed a lesson on etiquette, but here’s the thing: Times have changed. However, let us emphasize though that no one is obligated mandated to give a wedding gift or purchase something on a couple’s registry. As a guest, it is your choice what to give and where to shop for it.

So why do couples like to receive cash instead?  Here’s the reality.

It is the gift that keeps on giving. Couples have the freedom to use the cash gift to either buy something for their home, add to their savings account, renovate their kitchen or for them to spend during their honeymoon.

It is a big financial help.  Who wouldn’t love to give the newlyweds a good start in life? There are a lot of  couples who pay for their own wedding nowadays, and we all know how expensive it can get to pull off your dream wedding!

If you feel that cash gifts are more suited to you, let your guests know politely by creating a gift registry on Thankyou. If your guests wouldn’t hesitate to show their generosity by giving you what you want on your big day, you can even make it a lot easier for them to give their monetary gifts through Thankyou’s online contribution system. Check out how this feature works here.

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