How to tell your Guests about the Wedding Registry

26th March, 2013

How to tell your Guests about the Wedding Registry

Just when you’ve finished putting together a list of  all the presents you’d like to receive on your wedding day, a question suddenly hits you: How do you tell your guests about your wedding registry? Some couples wait until a Guest asks and then hope that he or she will just spread the word!

However, times change and it is now okay to list where you are registered. Thankyou has some advice on how to let your Guests know about your gift registry. Check out our experts’ tips below:

  • Post a link to your gift registry on your wedding website. This is also one of the easiest ways to let your guests know about your big day and your gift registry. Don’t put the actual list on your website – a link to your online gift registry will do.

  • Let your immediate family know about the wedding gift registry details. They’d be helpful in spreading the word because some of your Guests will probably ask them too what to get for you.

  • Have the wedding gift registry information available in your shower invitations. It is the perfect and acceptable way, because the purpose of this occasion, literally, is to shower you with gifts Also since this is usually an event organised by another person for you, they are the ones who will inform your guests about the wedding gift registry.

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